7 Steps to Help You Run Longer Distances ...


What steps should you take to run longer distances? It seems like all your friends are training for a 10k, half marathon or marathon and you are just starting to run a 5k so what is with all the hype? Well first off, running a distance race is a huge individual accomplishment and you have to put in the training and dedication to complete it. So think about if you are ready to put in the time and energy for training. Once completed it is awe inspiring and you will feel amazing, but how do you begin running these distances? Well as your certified trainer and running coach here are the simple steps to help you run longer distances:

1. Determine Your Goal

Think about what your distance running goal is and determine if your end goal is a race or just for fun. Whatever your goal is, figure it out to determine what your training will be. In order to run longer distances it is important to determine what your goal is first.

Set out Your Schedule
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