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With the great running weather starting to appear, stretches for when you’re sore after running are going to be needed very soon. Stretching before and after running is always the best idea. However, sometimes, you can still be very sore afterwards. I’ve thought of a few of my favorite stretches and listed them below. So here are my favorite 7 stretches for when you’re sore after running.

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Calf Stretch

My favorite calf stretch can be done against a wall or standing alone, and it's easy, making it my favorite of all of the stretches for when you're sore. This stretch is done by putting your foot out in front of you with your heel to the ground (or the wall). Reach down with your opposite hand to touch the tip of your foot. This stretch focuses on stretching out your calves and shins if they are sore. Doing this stretch every day before bed will help prevent soreness the next morning.


Hip Flexor

A hip flexor stretch is most effective when done against a wall. Kick one of your legs up on the wall and keep the other foot on the ground. Your legs should be stretching a little bigger than a 90º angle. Reach down to touch your foot. This stretch focuses on stretching out your hips, which will hurt you after running, especially if you’re new to it.


Quadriceps Stretch

Quad stretches are my favorite. The simplest way to stretch your quads is kicking your leg to your butt and holding it there with your hands. Balancing may be the only tough part, but once you get the hang of it the stretch feels so good. It is important to stretch this muscle, especially after an intense workout or run because every exercise uses your quads.


Groin Stretch

In my opinion, the best stretch for your groin will always be the butterfly stretch. You start by sitting on the ground. Your knees should be down so that the bottoms of both of your feet are touching. In this position it is best to push your knees down slowly. It may hurt, but you will feel your groin stretching. Stretching your groin is important as a runner because pulling the muscle can be easy and also serious.


Hamstring Stretch

The hamstring stretch is best done with a partner. Lay down flat on your back and lift one of your legs straight up. With a partner, have them try to push your leg up, as you fight the pressure and push your leg down. This stretch is extremely effective on not only your hamstrings, but also your shins and calves. It’s one of my favorites to do after running a race.


Piriformis Stretch

Your piriformis muscle is located in your deep buttock region. Many runners, especially distance, tend to have problems here. Stretching your piriformis can be easily done. The first thing you do is lay down with both knees bent. Once you’ve done that, cross one of your ankles over the opposite knee. Grip the thigh of the leg still bent and pull the knee towards you, lifting your foot off the floor. This stretch is very effective and feels great when done correctly.


Total Body Stretch

This stretch is great for after a long run. It completely stretches and relaxes your whole body. Laying down flat on your back, straighten out your arms and legs. Point your fingers and toes as far as you can, stretch and relax. It may sound simple but after a long run, it’ll feel great.

These are only 7 stretches for when you’re sore after running. I love doing all of these after a good run and sometimes even before. I feel you can never stretch too much! What are some stretches you do after running? And which do you do especially when you’re sore? Happy running everyone!

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