7 Steps 📶 to Having Your Most Successful 🙌🏼 Run 🏃 Ever ...

Having a great run takes planning, preparation and the right mindset but if you are ready to take the proper steps you will be ready to go! Simple things you can do like hydrating can make all the difference in the outcome of your run! And what you eat to fuel your run can literally make or break your run. And warming up the body with a dynamic stretch can help you to prevent a possible injury down the road. But most importantly to have your best run yet, you must stay positive with your head up and just believe. So are you ready to put your best foot forward? Then follow these 7 steps for your best run yet!

1. Hydrate

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Drink plenty of water to fuel your run, prevent dehydration and help to avoid muscle cramping. Your goal should be 8-10 glasses of water, along with plenty of vegetables and fruits since their water content will contribute to your adequate hydration. This will help you to have your best run!

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