7 Reasons You Should Start Running Today ...

There are endless reasons you should start running today. Maybe you stare at the runner going by your home each day envious of the energy she has to go the distance. Or maybe while at the doctor’s office, you read the running magazine on their coffee table and thought, "Maybe I should be a runner." There are so many benefits of being a runner, so why shouldn’t you start? It does not require a lot of coordination nor a lot of equipment, just a pair of sneakers and some passion. So what are the reasons you should start running today?

1. Anyone Can do It

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Running is relatively easy to do, meaning it does not require a lot of coordination, just putting one foot in front of the other and picking up the pace. Whether you realize it or not, you have been a runner since at least 18 months. You walked first and then you ran. Get back to your childhood years and start running. There are so many benefits. This is one of the reasons you should start running today!

2. Limited Equipment

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Running is a sport that requires limited equipment. You do not need any fancy, high price gear to begin, just a good pair of sneakers. Put on any clothes, preferably fitted, and lace up your sneakers for a run. Finding the right sneakers is integral so head to your local running specialty store so you can get fitted for the right sneaker for your arch, weight and running style.

3. You Can do It Pretty Much Anytime

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Morning, afternoon or night, you can run pretty much anytime. It is not like a workout class where you have to come to a scheduled time or the softball team you just joined with specific practices. Since this is an individual sport, you can do this anytime, making this easier to fit into your busy schedule. This means there are no excuses, right?

4. It is a Great Workout

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Burning anywhere from 600-900 calories based on weight and intensity, running is a great workout that makes you feel great. Upon completion of your run you will feel sweaty and accomplished because it is just that good of a workout. So what are you waiting for? Start running today.

5. Provides Many Health Benefits

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Running lowers your cholesterol, reduces your risk of cancer and even lowers your risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Running provides so many health benefits that it is a wonder why everyone does not run. Get outside for a great run today so that you can live a healthier life!

6. Will Provide You More Energy

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By 6 o'clock, you are exhausted and you are counting down the hours before you go to bed. Want to have more energy and just feel better? Then you should become a runner. Runners have more energy and confidence!

7. There is No Expiration

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I have seen many healthy and very good runners at the age of 75, and although this is not the norm, if you have good knees and are able to take care of your health, you can run at pretty much any age. There is no expiration or time you must give up this sport. And if you have passion for running, you will want a lifetime of continued runs. Believe me, I empathize, this is how I feel every day when I have to get my runs in!

Now that you have so many reasons to start running today, what are you waiting for? Lace up your sneakers and get outside for a great workout! Happy running to you!

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