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Want to know the simple tricks to make your runs easier? Let’s face it, there are good and bad running days. On the good days you feel like you can run almost effortlessly and on the bad, you count down the time until you are done. Sometimes you may find yourself in a rut and the bad days seem to come in a flood. So how do you combat this and get back on track to running success? Well as a long time marathon runner and trainer, I have some simple tricks to make your runs easier!

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Keep Your Eyes Focused

If you look ahead and keep your focus on the distance ahead, you will feel better. Focus is key in having a great run, and looking ahead rather than at the ground can have you feeling in the moment. So pick a pole in the distance to sprint to and then aim on your next focus to help you achieve running success. This is one of the simple tricks to make your runs easier!


Listen to Music

I usually do not listen to music when I run because I enjoy the quiet time but I can tell you that music can be pure motivation. I train a lot of my clients to run and once they put some good tunes on, they find their solo runs to go by quickly. So download your favorite songs and have a great run!


Run with a Friend

Through the years I have always gone on runs alone, but recently I ran with a friend and guess what? It was a blast! Catching up with a friend as you both get your workout in is incredibly motivating. Try to invite a running friend that is at the same fitness level or a higher fitness level so you can push each other. When you finish your run, you will wonder where the time went!


Join a Running Club

There are so many running clubs for you to join, so what are you waiting for? Join forces with other liked minded runners to make new friends, get your workouts in and stay motivated. This is a simple trick that can help you to push your body to a whole new level while having a great time!


Hire a Running Coach

If you have running goals to increase your distance or pace, hire a running coach to help you meet your goals. Running coaches are usually priced fairly reasonably and most will actually run the workouts with you, along with providing you a plan to follow on your own. A few months of having a running coach can provide a vast improvement in your running and for this reason it is well worth the investment!


Get on a Schedule

If your running schedule is irregular, you may find yourself looking for excuses as to why you cannot run your next run. Ditch the excuses and get on a regular schedule. If you run at the same time each day, it will become a habit and your body will begin to crave this!


Take Small and Quick Steps

Opening your stride can be overrated, especially if you are opening it too far, so switch it up. Try focusing on small quick steps to lower your risk of injury and quicken your pace. You may also feel the difference when you are less sore the next day. Small steps yield a quicker recovery, so get moving!

With all these tricks to make your runs easier, are you ready to get running? Remember every step you take is one step closer to your goal! Happy running!

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Would love to learn the proper way to run, and what is the correct running shoe to wear. 😉

I am a competitive runner , and I know much knowledge about running, taking small steps IS NOT BETTER !! Lengthening your stride will make you more relaxed and you will gain distance faster

I have problems landing on my feet in the right balance. I land on the insides of my feet and it's so much more tiring.

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