7 Fall Running Tips to Help You do Your Best ...

By Tara

7 Fall Running Tips to Help You do Your Best ...

With the changing of the leaves, here are a few fall running tips to help you make the most of your sessions With the cooler temperatures, changing colors of the trees and crunching of the leaves as you run, fall can be a runner’s retreat of seasons. Even those that are summer lovers cannot help but smile as they run in the crisp cool air of fall. And if you go with this great feeling, you may find yourself running longer miles in a shorter time, since cool air can help you to run quicker. So how do you prepare for this change of seasons so you can stay on track to running success? Here are fall running tips from a long time runner and marathoner happy to help you run your fall miles with a smile:

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1 Wear Layers

In the morning, temperatures can be very cool in the fall but you need not worry if you dress in layers; you will be prepared to have a great run. After the first mile or two you may want to drop a layer to pick up later. You can also tie your top layer around your waist. Dressing in layers is one of the best fall running tips that I live by.

2 Enjoy the Change of Seasons

With the coming of fall, the farewell of summer can be sad but enjoy each pleasant day of fall and make the most of the season. With the change of season you may find yourself having even better runs and feeling more energy as you pound the pavement. So look around as your run and enjoy the colors of amber and yellow leaves because before you know it, winter will be here. Go ahead and enjoy today!

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3 Drink up

We always drink plenty of water on hot summer days, but when the cool temperatures of fall hit, it is easy to forget to drink. Stay hydrated even on cool, crisp fall days to avoid dehydration and muscle cramping while you run!

4 Wear Bright Colors

With the fall season, there will be a lot more hunters that may not notice a solo runner running out on a trail, so be dressed in bright colors. Always think safety first to make the most out of your runs!

5 Wear Reflective Gear

If you are running in the darker hours of the day, make sure you wear reflective gear so passers by can see you. When I run at 5am, I am aware that ongoing traffic is not looking for a runner, so I need to make sure they can see me. For this reason, I wear reflective gear and often even a head lamp, and although I may look like a miner, I am safe! ;-)

6 Enjoy the Weather

With fall temperatures, the morning can be anywhere from 30 degrees to 50 and although this may seem fierce, it actually feels great. There's nothing like the nibble of cold on your face as you run steadily along a trail in the fall season. Enjoy the cooler weather and use this to fuel you to run quicker.

7 Sign up for a Race or Two

Before the season comes and goes, sign up for a race or two. Fall is the best time to race because of the changing of leaves and cool air. So look for a local race to run and enlist a friend or two so you have company!

With the cool crisp air, changing of the foliage and falling of the leaves, are you ready for some great fall running? Then what are you waiting for? Get out there and get moving!

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