7 of the Greatest Running Tips You Should Follow ...


As a lifelong runner, I have some of the greatest running tips that can change your approach to your run. Running has been a part of my life since the young age of seven and I literally cannot imagine running not being a part of each day. So how do you get the running bug and what tips can help you to be a lifelong runner? Let me share the greatest running tips for you to follow:

1. Get Yourself the Right Running Shoes

One of the greatest running tips is to get the right pair of running shoes. If you get fitted for the right shoes, your joints will feel better and you may even run more efficiently. I have run in countless brands and my Pearl Izumi sneakers ended up being the best shoes for my running style and I could tell immediately from my first run in them. Do you have the right pair of running shoes for you? Finding the right shoes is one of the greatest running tips because it just makes that much difference.

Push Yourself in Some of Your Runs
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