7 Training Tips for New Runners ...


7 Training Tips for New Runners ...
7 Training Tips for New Runners ...

As a certified trainer, running coach and longtime runner, I have countless training tips for new runners. If I can help shape my client’s and reader’s running future, then I have made the positive impact that is important to me. Certain tips like focusing on running form, not over training and strengthening your core can make a difference from you being in the front line or side lined in your run. So where do you want to be in your running future? If you want to have a great running future then follow my training tips for new runners:

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The Right Fit

As you embark on your journey of becoming a runner one of the essential items that you need is a good pair of sneakers. Finding the right fit for your arch and running style is important. It took me many years to find Pearl Izumi sneakers and I love them because they are comfortable and help my performance. Find the right sneakers by heading to your local running specialty store. Finding the right shoe is one of the most important training tips for new runners because good sneakers are key to a great run!


Focus on Form

Head up, arms at your side, body relaxed and feeling strong are all core components of the right running form. If you focus on your running form you will run more efficiently and effectively, meaning running quicker without using that much more effort. Yes, the right running form can make that big of a difference.


Gradually Increase Training

Thinking of doing your first marathon in a month when you have never run more than 6 miles? Think again. Gradually increasing your training is an integral part of injury prevention. You should never increase your weekly mileage by more than 10%. So your best bet is to train for 6 months to a year when running your first marathon.


Strengthen Your Core

Did you know strengthening your core will help you to reduce your risk of injury and become a better runner? Olympic runners focus on daily activities to strengthen their core because it makes that much of a difference to their performance. So start adding exercises like the plank to your routine and strengthen your core so you will be a better runner!


Cross Train

There are many runners that just run and at least once a year, they are sidelined for several weeks due to an injury of some sort. On the other hand, there is a runner that cross trains by lifting weights, doing agility exercises and occasionally even swimming, and she never seems to get injured. Why is this so? The runner that cross trains is strengthening her muscles and when she cross trains, she is giving the muscles used when running a rest, while the continual runner is causing stress upon stress by consistently running. Cross train so you can secure a continued running future with a lower risk of an injury.


The Right Stretch

There is so much confusion on what, when and how long you should stretch, so let me clear the confusion. Before your run, you should warm up with a dynamic stretch (stretch in motion) such as jumping jacks for 3-5 minutes and after your run, cool down with static stretches that are slow and steady for 3-5 minutes.


Rest is Essential

As much as you love running every day, it is important to give your body a day of rest. When you run you cause micro tears in your tendons so one day off a week is essential in injury prevention and also for optimizing your performance.

Now that you have training tips to help you embark on your journey as a runner, what goal will you make next? Well, whatever your running goal may be, I wish you much luck and happy running to you! Hope you enjoy many great miles, getting in better shape and feeling great!

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can tip number 8 be not to run with your hair down like in the picture. haha I hate running with my hair down!

Just joined the track team in high school. Looking forward to using these tips in my practices!

Great article so glad I found it! I'm new to running and I am building up to 5k right now, loving every minute! X

Great info

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