7 Tips for Running with Your Dog ...


7 Tips for Running with Your Dog ...
7 Tips for Running with Your Dog ...

Running with your dog can be an incredibly rewarding thing to do and this is the best way to have a running partner that is always available. You need not worry about scheduling a run with your pooch, as your dog is always ready to go for a run. Simply take out the leash and your dog’s tail will begin to wag at a mile a minute, showing their excitement. So what do you need to know about running with your dog?

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Check with the Vet

Before you begin bringing your pooch with you on every run, check with the veterinarian to see if it is okay to go running with your dog. An overall physical may even be helpful because running is taxing on the body and your pooch will not be able to vocalize if their heart feels strained when they run. Running is a healthy exercise for your dog as long as the vet gives clearance. Getting clearance from the vet is one of the best tips for running with your dog.


Put Your Pooch on a Leash

Even though you may enjoy having your dog run free in the great outdoors, it is not smart. If another dog comes by or even traffic and your pooch steps to the side, there can be an accident in an instant. Your dog may be well behaved but anything can change, especially if your pooch sees another dog. So be safe and put your dog on a leash. This is a safety step well worth it.


Go Easy

Do not begin running 10 mile runs with your dog. Just like you, your dog should have gradual training, increasing running mileage little by little. So begin with a 2 or 3 mile run and see how your dog fares before you add in long runs.


Stay Hydrated

Your dog needs water just like to do, but on warmer days your dog may even need it more. So bring along water for both you and your dog. I would stay away from having your dog drink from puddles as this water can be contaminated, especially if this is on a chemically treated lawn. Be safe and bring along some water.


Watch Their Step

You are running in your supportive and protective running shoes, but what about your dog? Your dog will not be running in a pair of shoes, so make sure you watch their step. If you see a pothole or glass in the road, steer your dog clear of this. Take care of your pooch by being careful and working together for a great run.

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Bring along a Bag

You can store a plastic baggy in your shorts so that, in the event that your dog has to “go,” you can pick this up. Running speeds along the digestive tract, which can cause your dog to have to “go.” It's thus best to be prepared so you can be courteous to the neighborhood you are running through.


Have Fun

Dogs are very social creatures that crave new sights and new experiences. So your dog will enjoy running, and studies have shown that dogs that exercise are happier. So get out for a run with your dog so you can bond, be healthier and have some fun in the process.

So now that you have running tips for running with your dog, tell me, do you run with your dog? If so, what is your running schedule and does this keep you motivated?

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Using the P5 (purina 5) app is great too! It's special for tracking your dogs health and training and give you a lot of tips including tips on running with them!


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