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Did you there are common running mistakes made by runners, often unknowingly? These mistakes can cause an injury, so it is important to correct this before you get yourself sidelined and in non-running form. So what are these common mistakes and do you practice this in your runs? As a certified trainer and running coach, I have helped many amazing runners to correct their mistakes to become champion runners. Here are the most common mistakes and how you can correct them:

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Not Wearing the Right Shoes

One of the most common running mistakes is not wearing the right running shoes. Are your shoes designed for someone that overpronates when you are a neutral runner? Do you now even know what this means? If you answered yes, you are not alone, so how can we correct this? Go to a local running store and get fitted for the proper shoe for your body because this is one of the most common running mistakes that you can correct easily.


Not Warming up

You lace up your shoes and head out the door for a run, failing to do a warm up. This is not only unhealthy for your heart as you should gradually increase your heart rate, but this can also increase your risk of an injury. So spend five minutes of performing jumping jacks and squats and then head out for a great run!


Increasing Mileage Too Quickly

If you are increasing your running mileage by more than 10% per week, chances are you are increasing too quickly. Increase your mileage little by little so you do not have an injury. Runners that increase mileage rapidly wind up with overuse injuries so play it safe!


Running Downhill Sloppily

When running downhill, many runners just let their body fall, landing very hard and failed to stick to running form. It is also common when running downhill for runners to over stride, causing stress on the knees and back. To correct this when running downhill, focus on short quick strides with purpose and be sure not to over stride as this can lead to an injury.


Running with Arms in Front

One of the most common running mistakes is when runners run with their arms in front of them. This mistake can even affect your breathing patterns. To correct this common mistake, run with your arms at your side. This can help you to run more efficiently and even breathe easier. My coach from the University of South Carolina would always tell me to run with arms at your side like a pendulum. I still practice this tip in my everyday training because it works.


Not Drinking Enough Water

Many runners head out for their long runs failing to bring even a bottle of water because they do not want to carry it. This is not healthy for your body and can lead to dehydration. If you find yourself going on a longer run than 10 miles, you can store water bottles along the course. Just make sure to drink often for your health!


Wearing the Wrong Gear

You see the runner along the streets in heavy cotton jogging pants and oversized sweatshirt. Not only is this attire awkward to run in but it will hold in sweat. To perform at your best, get running gear that is easily breathable and wicks away sweat. This gear will having you leaving cool and performing at your best!

I hope my tips will help you to avoid any of these running mistakes and run strong. Do you find that you make any running mistakes?

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