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Now that racing season is here you may be eager to have your best season yet. But how do you have your best racing season? Is it preparation of nutrition, training or a combination of both? And how much of racing is mental preparation? These are all questions you may wonder and I am here to help you to tackle this. As a certified trainer and running coach to countless lives, I am here to help you to have your best racing season yet. If you follow these tips, you can enjoy amazing results to have your best improvement yet. So here are the ways to have your best racing season:

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Run Only Quality Runs

If you want to have your best racing season, you should focus on quality runs. Every run should be for a purpose rather than just to get your miles in. So focus one day on a long slow run, one day on tempo, one day on speed, one day on middle pace and the other two days focused on the distance you will be racing. Create a schedule that is focused on the runs to prepare you for race day. Focusing on quality runs is one of the best ways to have your best racing season ever!


Get in a Positive Mindset

If you keep your head up and get in a positive mindset you will perform better in races. Stop lining in the back of the race at the start and doubting yourself. Believe in yourself and train hard so you can achieve amazing running results.


Rule the Race

When you race, focus on running hard and pushing yourself to the next level. Rule the race when you run by smashing your best times and never settling for anything less than your best. If you take this approach to your racing, you can accomplish incredible results.


Strengthen Your Core

Aside from having great physical results, strengthening your core can help you tremendously in your racing. So focus on ab exercises and even plyometrics so that you can become a better runner and have your best racing season.


Figure out Your Race Day Nutrition

Make sure you eat more vegetables, fruits and whole grains in your training and figure out what works best for your eating on race day. Some runners have ultra-sensitive stomachs on race day, while others can eat any fuel. I like to have an apple and a piece of toast before any short distance race or my stomach goes wild. Find what works best for you.


Rest the Day Prior

The day before the race should be pure rest. In an ideal world, you would take an ice bath and not lift a finger. But in the real world, this is usually not possible with the many responsibilities that fall on us. I do recommend taking the day before a race as a day off from running so you can perform at your best.


Smoke the Competition in a Great Race

Now that you have trained hard and race day is here, smoke the competition in a great race. You put in the time training so now put it all to the test. Make sure you give it all you got and run your very best race.

Now that you have these tips for a great racing season, are you ready to start training to achieve this? Hope you have your very best racing season!

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