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Want to have peak running performance so that you can run longer, quicker and feel great? Would you like to recover quicker so that you can ace your next race even when your races are a week apart? Then read my peak performance tips. As a longtime competitive racer and a certified trainer to countless runners, I have many tips up my sleeve that I will reveal. Here are some tips for peak running performance so that you can outdo your best:

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Proper Nutrition

If you focus on eating more vegetables, you will surprise yourself with better running performance. Many runners focus heavily on carbs while not eating enough vegetables. The nutrients in your veggies will help you perform your best, reduce your risk of injury due to nutrient deficits, and even speed up your recovery. Eating healthy can help you to have peak running performance!


Running Training

If you diversify your runs and focus on pushing yourself to make every workout a quality workout, you will optimize your running performance. I focus on all quality and there are never any junk miles that I run. With this philosophy, you are sure to run your best.


Cross Training

If you want to run faster and feel stronger, focus on cross training. By biking one day a week, you can focus on your larger muscles groups (legs); by swimming one day a week, you can focus on your smaller muscle groups (arms). Cross training is in integral part of running training as well as injury prevention.



Make sure you listen to your body and when in need, take a day off. To recover from your workouts you also should make sure to ice when needed and put your legs up to increase circulation. Muscle recovery varies from one person to the next, so make sure you let your muscle cues lead you. If you are in pain, take a day or two off.


Running Fuel

Are you fueling during your longer workouts? If you are exercising for longer than 45 minutes, fueling is important. Make sure you drink lots of water to stay hydrated and you can use a natural electrolyte gel or coconut water to replenish your cells. This can make the difference between winning a race or coming in with a mix of other runners.


Optimal Sleep

It is important to get proper sleep of 7-9 hours after you run to ensure that your body has a chance to heal. When you run, you create micro tears in your muscles and sleep is part of this recovery process. In medical research, it is proven that athletes perform at their best when they have 7 hours of sleep at a minimum. Do you get enough rest each night?


Testing Your Performance

Now that you are training strong and working harder, why not put your body to the test with a race? A race is a great way to test your performance. You will push yourself harder when you have a group of fellow runners competing for their strongest finish. Run your best by running a competitive race!

In order to have your peak performance, you should follow my tips and stay positive. If you train strong and believe in yourself, you will be on your way to running success. Do you have any tips you follow for your peak performance?

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