7 Moves to Prepare for Your Next Running Race ...


7 Moves to Prepare for Your Next Running Race ...
7 Moves to Prepare for Your Next Running Race ...

So you are looking for exercises to prepare for your next running race and do not know where to begin? Lunges, squats and a range of other exercises can strengthen your muscles and help you have a better running race. And these same exercises can help prevent a later injury. This is great motivation to start adding strength training exercises into your running regime. So let’s get working with these moves to prepare for your next running race:

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Lunges are an ultra-effective exercise that target the legs muscles of each leg individually. To build strength and increase the speed of your running, try adding this exercise to your training regimen. To prepare for your next running race add two days of 3 sets of lunges on each leg and see great results!



To strengthen and tone the larger muscle groups of your legs and increase your running performance, you should integrate squats for several days of your fitness training. To perform a squat, focus on proper form with the weight in your heels, lower down to a seated position, then stand back up. You should focus on three sets of twelve squats for two days a week for great results in bettering you running performance.



To strengthen your core, and feel stronger during your runs, along with preventing an injury, focus on the plank. The plank is an effective exercise in strengthening your core circumference to include your back, oblique and abdominal region. And for running, this can give you that needed competitive edge when racing.


Jump Lunges

Jump lunges are great to work your legs along with strengthening your abs. By adding the explosive jump in a jumping lunge you will find an added strength in your races. Jump lunges give you the extra power that is needed in running races so this is a move that you should add to your training. Focus on 50 jump lunges for just one day a week!


High Knees

Lift up your legs nice and high and perform high knees for five minutes to increase the explosiveness of your race start. Did you know that high knees strengthen your hamstring, glutes and core? So get those knees up high!


Push Ups

To work your pectoral muscles, back, core, and arms, perform 20-40 pushups 3 days a week. Pushups can give you that needed strength to fuel your running races and when your legs become fatigued, strong arms can help you with a competitive edge.


Chin Ups

Chin ups help strengthen your arms, deltoids and abdominal region that can help you deliver great running race times. You can purchase a chin up bar to put in your doorway or perform chin ups at the playground. So how many chin ups should you do? Your goal is to perform 8-10, and if you struggle with just one at the time, do not get discouraged because it will become easier with practice.

Now that you have some new moves to help you to have that extra competitive edge at all your running races, which will you perform first? Wishing you a great racing year to have your personal best times and have a lot of fun in the process. Just believe in yourself and train your butt off to see the amazing results that you earn! Happy Running!

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