7 Ways to Rock Your Run Today ...


7 Ways to Rock Your Run Today ...
7 Ways to Rock Your Run Today ...

Have you thought of the ways to rock your run today? So you plan your morning run and you are anticipating pushing yourself through a great workout, but how do you rock it? Running a great time, having fun and feeling great are all ways to rock your run. And when you rock your run, you will be eager to lace up your shoes soon for your next run because this is pure motivation. As a certified trainer and lover of running, I have put thousands of running miles on my legs. I plan to continue for a lifetime of fitness, so let me share with you the ways to rock your run, just as I do each day:

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Try out a New Running Route

To switch up your normal routine and try something new, head out to a new running route. You love running but find yourself bored of the same daily 4 mile loop, so why not change it up a bit? If you try a new running route, you may find yourself rejuvenated and restored because this is one of the best ways to rock your run.


Switch up Your Tunes

Are the Fergie songs on your play list just not cutting it anymore? Switch up your playlist with something more current so that you can get motivated to get out for a great run. Switching up your workout playlist is a great way to help you rock your run. Studies show if you run with music that has faster beats per minute, your running speed will adjust quicker as well.


Wear a New Running Outfit

Most women love to shop for new clothes and it is great to unveil our new purchases. So purchase a new running outfit and wear this out for your next run. Just putting on your new gear will give you an extra spring in your step.


Run Tall

Run with your head up and be confident because today is going to be a great day. If you simply stay positive, you will have a better run. So run tall, strong and rock your run today!


Conquer Some Major Hills

There is no better feeling than the feeling of accomplishment, so conquer some hills today. Head to a major hill and run some hill repeats 4-6 times so that you can rock your run and expend some extra calories. Hill workouts are a great way to boost your metabolism and intensify your workouts.


Try a New Running Challenge

Give yourself a new running challenge, like beating your best time today or running a longer distance. If you try a new running challenge you will feel great because you've accomplished something new. As a result, you will rock your run. Running is an individual sport where the pressures and the glory are all on you, so go out and make your own glory run today by running a new challenge.



Smile because you are going to have a great day! Life is what you make of it, so make today a great day and push yourself to have an awesome run. Now move those legs and pump those arms as you head out for a great run!

Now that you know the ways to rock your run today, are you ready for a great run? Happy running to you! I'm wishing you many blissful miles, major running accomplishments and major running fun!

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my favorite suggestions are; changing up the playlist, doing hulls and doing a challenge. thank you

So nice,thanks....

what do you recommend for sore calves while running? like what's the best way to not feel pain in that area or how to get rid of it?

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