7 Self-defense Moves You Should Know for when You're out Running ...


As you get out for your early morning run with not a person in sight, you should be aware of some self-defense moves to ensure your safety. One of the simplest things you can do is to be smart and run in neighborhoods and avoid warehouse or secluded areas. But in the event of you being followed or caught in the hold of an attacker, be safe with these self-defense moves to help keep you from being a sad story in the news:

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One of the easiest self-defense moves that you can do is to simply move. If you notice a man following you when you are out on your morning run, move quickly to an area with more people out and about. You should always run in safe areas but in the event you are not, get to a safer area, quickly. The more people around you the better, because attackers are usually careful predators not wanting to be around the public.


Call Police

It is important to run with your phone for safety issues. Not to mention there are so many great running apps. If you notice a person approaching and realise this is an attacker, call 911 to alert authorities. You also may want to let out a loud scream as you run away because attackers never like attention being drawn to them.


Kick Attacker in Their Privates

Depending upon whether your attacker is male or female, you should kick your attacker in the privates if you are being held. Try not to panic, which I know is tough but remaining as cool as possible will help your survival. As soon as your attacker loosens their hold, run as fast as you can and scream for help.


Kick Attacker in Shins

To get an attacker away and defend yourself, kick the attacker as hard as you can in the shins. An injury to an attacker can be the difference between you being alive or not, so defend yourself and fight back with a hard kick.


Claw Eyes

If the attacker is a female, chances are a kick in the privates is not going to hurt like when kicking a male, so claw and scratch her eyes to get away. If you are in a tight hold, grab her hair and break free to run for your life.


Head Butts into Nose

A good head butt to the nose can leave anyone in pain and possibly even cause a bloody nose. Head butt an attacker if they are looking at you face on and when they double over in pain, react quickly and sprint away. A slow reaction time can mean the difference between you living and dying.


Get into Fight or Die Mentality

Let’s face it, an attacker is coming after you to assault you, hurt you or possibly even kill you so get in the “fight or die” mentality. If you do not defend yourself and fight back, you can be the headline morning news for tomorrow. So fight hard with all your might and save your life.

Now that you have some ways to defend yourself while you are running, remember to always be safe. Run with a phone, and pepper spray can be a great accessory too. Always think safety first. Do you run solo or with a friend? If you run with a friend you are less likely to run into an issue and need these moves, although it is always helpful to know them. Happy Running and Be Safe!

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I'm a runner, and I also have been taking martial arts for eight years. My biggest tip for self defense while running is bring a walking stick or a medium length wooden rod of some sort. If you are being confronted by a stranger who feels threatening to you, tell them to stop or go away in a strong, confident voice. If they keep advancing on you, and you've told them to leave you alone, then strike their knees with the wooden stick/rod. Make it quick and swift so that when they're down on the ground you can sprint away. This works for violent dogs too, just aim for their muzzles.

My mom always told me to scream fire if someone was attacking me cause it gets people attention faster. Idk if its true though

my ex friend blacked out and hit my hard in the pelvis area hurts for a month and I'm a girl so kicking or hitting there hard helps to

yes, you should always yell "fire" instead of just screaming. most people ignore

also dig palm under attackers nose

Clench your fist,stick out forefinger and middle finger and go for his eyes.

I'm taking a kickboxing class ;)

just so it is confirmed that if a female is kicked in get clitorus it is going to effect a woman just as it would it a man to be kicked there. I mean you (female) will fall to your knees and use every form of dissapline that u have mastered to not let urself get sick. so don't think hat if that's what u have to work with that it would be ineffective.

A punch in the throat is sometimes more effective than kicking him in the crotch. Sometimes the adrenaline causes him to not feel a kick in the balls as much as he usually would.

Throw dust into his eyes.. (if you find some)

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