7 Weeks to Run Faster and Have Fun ...


Would you like to run faster and have fun in just 7 weeks? If you focus on the right form, technique, training and energy, you can run faster and have some fun in the process. You do not have to give up hours a day to train to see all of this progress, either. It is all about just doing the correct training and getting in the right mindset for running fast. As a certified trainer and running coach, I live, eat, breathe and sweat out this program, and now I am here to share this great knowledge with you! Here are the ways to run faster in just 7 weeks:

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Week One is about Your Cadence

To run faster, one of the best things you can do is to focus on bettering your running cadence. Take short, quick steps rather than over striding when you run. This will help you to become quicker and also will lessen the impact of running on your joints. Your goal is at least 180 steps in one minute, which sounds like a lot, but try! It is very achievable and will quicken your running times.


Week Two is about Embodying a Positive Attitude

In your second week of training, get in a positive mindset and believe in yourself. If you embody a positive attitude, you will perform better in your running performance and all other aspects of your life. So keep your head up, smile and just be positive!


Week Three is about Speed Workouts

You cannot see the improvement in your speed that you want unless you train, and the best way to train for quicker times is to run quicker. Speed workouts are a great way to achieve this. Although it can be intimidating to head to the track to run as fast as you can for meters or miles, this will reap tremendous benefits in quickening your times. Head to the track for 1-2 days per week.


Week Four is about Not Listening to Music

There are many times when listening to music is helpful to stay motivated while running, but it is nice to sometimes just run in peace. Listen to your feet as they hit the ground quickly in cadence, hear the wind gusts, the birds and all the while, enjoy your run. I have gotten quicker by running without music and getting in sync with my running steps.


Week Five is about Hill Training

Hill training is one of the best ways to develop strength in a wider range of muscle groups while quickening your running times. When performing hill training, it is best to find a half mile hill and run this quickly with a short two minute rest. Repeat 4-6 times for a great workout!


Week Six is about Putting It to the Test

Now that you have been diversifying your training, it is time to put this to the test and run a race in this distance that you have been training for. This is a great way to gauge where you are in your fitness level progress and how far you have to go. Chart your progress and keep it up!


Week Seven, Put It All Together

Now that you have been training hard to become quicker and achieve success, review where you are, continue to work hard and know that the sky is the limit when it comes to your success in running and all aspects of your life! You made it through 7 weeks of training, keep it up!

Hope you have enjoyed this 7 week plan to quicken your running times. Are you ready for the challenge to become an even quicker runner? Then keep up with this plan!

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