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If you have spent a winter indoors running on the treadmill, or maybe you have spent time running on the gym treadmill, you may want to transition from treadmill to outdoor running to get the most out of your workout. Spending countless hours running on a treadmill may help in terms of convenience, but it is definitely not as challenging as running outdoors, nor as scenic. So how do you transition from treadmill to outdoor running?

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Go Gradual

If you have been running indoors for the past three months, chances are you are well adjusted to running on a moving belt that is softer on your joints and has no alteration in terrain. The treadmill is much easier to run on than the pavement, so gradually get outdoors starting with just 2 days of outdoor running in the first week. This is the best way to transition from treadmill to outdoor running.


Head to the Track

The track is a great place to run because of the softer turf, which is a great transition if you have been running on the treadmill. So head to the track and go for an easy run. If there is wind resistance it will be challenging, but running on the track is a great way to reintroduce yourself to running outdoors. Reteach your legs and joints how to run outside.


Head to the Trails

Trail running is a great way to switch up your runs because you will be running on a softer terrain than the pavement, and the variation in elevation is a great way to work your core strength. So head to a local trail to transition back to outdoor running.


Run at a Local Park

Head to a local park to get your run in. If your legs begin to hurt from running on the pavement, you can run on the grass. The park is a great place to run because you do not have to worry about traffic and you can just focus on your run.


Go Pool Running

As you transition from treadmill running to outdoor running, head to the pools to strengthen your legs and joints. Pool running is a great way to build yourself up and get back to running outdoors. To intensify your pool runs, wear a weighted belt. Elite runners use pool running as part of their training because it helps them get stronger and quicker on the roads.


Head to the Hills

As you transition from the treadmill to running outdoors, you may notice a big difference in elevation, so head to the hills to build your strength. Run several hill repeats one day per week, to build your strength and help your body adjust to elevation.


Run at the Beach

To strengthen your calves and core, and to transition from running on the treadmill to outdoors, head to the beach for your run. Beach running is a great way to ease back into running outdoors, especially if you are running on the packed sand. So have some fun while you go for a beach run and enjoy what you have been missing during all those treadmill miles.

Now that you know the ways to transition from treadmill running to the great outdoors, what are you waiting for? Get outside for a great run!

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