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How to Get a Runner's Body without Running a Single Mile ...

By Sabrina

You’ve probably dreamed of having a runner’s body at some point in your life. Whatever the reason though—an injury, location, lack of desire, or otherwise—you never really got into running. But just because you aren’t a runner doesn’t mean you can’t have a runner’s body! Check out these simple yet effective ways to get a runner’s body without running a single mile.

1 Melt off the Fat

Running, as you know, is a form of cardio. In order to get a runner’s body though, your cardio doesn’t necessarily have to be running. Biking, rowing, swimming, and other cardio workouts will help you burn off tons of fat. Melting off the fat is the first step in earning a lean runner’s body!

2 Take Your Time

Twelve and fifteen-minute workouts are really convenient for busy women like yourself, but those quick bursts of cardio won’t help you attain the type of body you desire. Runners, unless they’re sprinters, exercise for long periods of time, running several miles every time they hit the track. Even if you aren’t running, make sure your moderate-intensity cardio lasts about an hour or more for that extended period of fat-burning fun!

3 Hydrate Yourself

You’ve probably seen athletes carrying around gallons of water to nourish their bodies throughout the day to recover from or prepare for an event later. Well, if you want bodies like theirs, you have to drink tons of water, too! Drinking a gallon a day will suppress hunger, increase your metabolism, and hydrate your cells. You’ll have a runner’s body much faster if you drink as much water as they do!

4 Go to Bed Hungry

Everything tastes better at midnight, doesn’t it? But you’ll have to sacrifice those late-night treats if you really want to lean out. Going to bed slightly hungry increases your chances of getting your dream body!

5 Work Those Legs!

Having a runner’s body doesn’t just mean looking skinny; it also means having some gorgeous leg muscles! Without running a single mile, you can get defined, toned legs that are absolutely to die for! Some of the best workouts are wide-leg squats to target your hamstrings and single-leg raises for your calves.

6 Run and Walk

If you enjoy running, but your body can’t handle too much running at once, try a combination of workouts. And believe it or not, running and walking together can help you get a runner’s body, too! Start off by running for two minutes, walking for one minute, and alternating until you’ve run for thirty minutes or longer. Once that becomes too easy, you can run for three or four minutes and walk for one. By following this simple method, you’ll be amazed by how much your body and stamina transform.

7 Flatten That Belly

Who wouldn’t love a runner’s belly? They’re flat, fit, and fabulous! But how can you smooth out your stomach without running? Pretty easily actually! By cutting out processed foods and sugary snacks, you’ll drastically decrease your belly fat. As you change your diet, begin incorporating ab exercises into your daily routine so that once the fat has all melted away, you’ll have a nice set of abs waiting for you!

So you see, runners aren’t the only ones deserving of that lean, gorgeous body type! You can look like them too if you follow these simple steps. How else do you recommend getting a runner’s body—without running a single mile?

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