Brilliant Ways to Change up Your Jogging for Girls Bored of the Same Beat ...


Brilliant Ways to Change up Your Jogging for Girls Bored of the Same Beat ...
Brilliant Ways to Change up Your Jogging for Girls Bored of the Same Beat ...

Are you bored and want to know how to switch up your jogging routine?

Even with plenty of motivation and time on your hands, jogging can become an exercise you dread the most. While it’s a great form of cardio, it gets repetitive and quite boring really quickly. However, the key to making it work without forcing yourself into something you don’t want to do is switching up your routine every so often. Here is how to switch up your jogging routine to make it a little more fun.

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Switch up Your Usual Routes

It might be convenient to go to the same park and run the same trail, but in order to keep things interesting for yourself you must have several options available to you. Find another park, a new trail in your old one, or even run around your house for a change! A change of scenery will definitely motivate and inspire you to work harder.


Switch between Indoors and Outdoors

With heat waves approaching this season, sometimes it’s not a good idea to take a jog outside, but don’t use this as an excuse to skip a great workout! Find a local gym where you can run on the treadmill without suffering a heat stroke. Plus, alternating between running outside and going to the gym will provide enough variation to keep you passionate about your workout.


Set Goals for Yourself

As you complete your run, try to set mini goals for yourself throughout. For example, don’t take a break until a certain point of your trail or try to run until you reach your goal distance for the day. And don’t go easy on yourself, push yourself a little more each day and you’ll see your work pay off in the long run.


Grab a Friend Who Will Motivate You

And when running gets a little too lonely for you, grab a friend who is just as dedicated to working out as you are. Making plans with someone will ensure that you’ll get your daily workout in and you’ll be able to push one another to exercise harder. It’s always more fun when someone shares the same goal as you!


Create the Perfect Playlist

As you plan out your run, create the perfect playlist that will keep you energized during your run. Choose upbeat songs, something that will make you want to dance and, of course, run further. However, make sure to update your playlist over time because hearing the same songs can put a damper on your routine.


Sign up for a Challenge

And once you are in good enough shape, sign up for a marathon! It doesn’t have to be a full one, just 5k or more if you’d like. Preparing for an event that you’ve already signed up for can be exciting and, most of all, it can motivate you to do well enough in the race.


Take Days off when Needed

On those days when you really don’t feel like running, take a break! Don’t force yourself when you are really not in the mood, you want this to be something that you like - or at least something that you don't hate. Giving your body a break can also help you do better next time!

Whatever you do, don’t give up on running, just work around your newly developed aversion to it and make it into something fun!

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