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Beat the Heat when You Run with These Tips for Athletic Girls ...

By Eliza

Running is a great form of exercise because it burns calories and tones many of the muscles in your body. At the same time, you don’t need a bunch of special equipment to go running and you can do it virtually anywhere. However, when summer is at its peak and the mercury rises, running becomes pretty miserable. This is when I take my workout indoors. If you’re not the type to give up your run, you can make it a bit more comfortable by using some of these easy tips for staying cool when the temperature skyrockets.

1 Make Sure to Drink Lots of Cold Water before, during and after Your Run

Cold water naturally cools your body so you want to make it pretty chilly for hot summer days. You should be sipping before your workout, during your session and as soon as it’s finished. This helps ward off dehydration and brings your temperature down internally so you feel a little cooler. When the heat is on, make sure you take a water bottle with you on your run.

2 Wear Running Clothes That Are Vented

Look for running gear that is mesh or netted in certain places. This allows the air to flow over your body as you run, helping keep you cool. There are loads of cute options so you’re sure to find something you love. You can find this style in pants, capris, shorts and tops so there is no shortage of options. You’ll be amazed at how much cooler you feel when you wear them.

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3 Get up Early or Stay out Late so You Miss the Hottest Parts of the Day

Between 10 am and 4 pm, the temperature is generally the hottest and the sun is pretty fierce. To survive, try getting up and hitting the pavement before work when the air is still cool. Or, if you’re not a morning person (I’m not either), plan your run for after dinner or early in the evening so you can get out there when the temperature starts to go back down.

4 Wear a Hat That You’ve Dipped in Cold Water

This serves a double purpose. Wearing a hat helps keep your face shaded from the harsh rays of the sun. Wearing a wet hat helps bring down your body temperature, keeping your entire body cooled off. There are tons of cute hats that won’t take away from your style, but will be beneficial for your run.

5 Put on Moisture Wicking Socks to Bring Your Temp down

You should never go for a run without socks. This sets you up for blisters, especially when your feet start sweating and your shoes are sliding around. Instead, wear moisture wicking socks, which help keep your feet dry. Trust me, this will be way more comfortable and will help you stay cool and refreshed.

6 Take More Breaks or Slow down Your Intensity

Going hardcore is never a good idea when it’s super hot outside. You need to tone things down a bit to protect your body from the heat. This might be mean you run at a slower pace, but for a longer amount of time. Or maybe you take an easier run and supplement it with some indoor cardio. This protects against dehydration and heatstroke, both of which can be deadly if you aren’t careful.

7 Plan a Shady Running Route to Stay out of the Sun

Hit Google and see if you can find a nearby running route that is primarily shaded. This helps keep you cool and protects you from the intense rays of the sun. Sticking to the shade as much as possible helps keep your entire body cool so that you don’t have to give up your run just because it’s hot outside.

Do you run when it’s hot? What other tips can you share to make it more bearable?

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