Get Fitter Faster with These Die-Hard Rules from World-Class Runners ...

By Tara

Get Fitter Faster with These Die-Hard Rules from World-Class Runners ...

World class runners like Paula Radcliffe, Shalane Flanagan, and Kara Goucher smash records and run like the wind because they train their butts off. They know just how to accomplish their running goals because of their coaches' training plans, passion and pure dedication. To get the job done in kicking asphalt or trail, they have certain rules that they live by. Take a page from their book and start integrating rules like these into your training so you can quicken your times and run like a beast (while still looking like a beauty, of course). Here are tips for running from world class athletes.

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Rule One: Diversify Your Runs

You go out every day running the same exact route, same pace and often even at the same time of the day. You are a girl of great habit, but, unfortunately, this habit is not helping quicken your running times. Do not lose hope but start diversifying your runs like the pros. Run fast one day, another day easy, have a speed day, intervals, tempo and even cross training. World class runners swear by training diversity and from their results, it obviously works!


Rule Two: Add in Hills

Hill training is an important component of every world class runner’s training regime and for good reason: it helps you build power that is essential to speed. So pick a hill and repeat for 5-8 times. As you get stronger, go longer and quicker. Before your hill training warm up with an easy mile.


Rule Three: Add Some Speed Drills

If you want to quicken your running times, you need to add in some speed work. Speed work will help you to recruit fast twitch muscle fiber to help you run like the pros. Even if you are not a pro, your running times can definitely benefit from speed drills. So depending on your race distance, choose short distance speed work, like 400 meters for 5k runners or 1-mile repeats for marathoners.


Rule Four: Cross Training is a Key Component of Training

Have you ever wondered how so many world class runners run so quickly and efficiently? Aside from a heck of a lot of training and great genetics, cross training is key. By adding in lunges, squats, pushups and other exercises to strengthen your body, you can strengthen and help to avoid an injury.


Rule Five: Fuel and then Refuel

Want to feel an extra spring in your step? Fuel healthily before your workouts and refuel with some protein post run. This will help you to not only run quicker but also decrease your recovery time to help your body feel fresh. Don’t believe me? Try this for a week and you will feel the difference and get why world class runners focus on eating to fuel the body!

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Rule Six: Don’t Forget a LSD Once a Week

I absolutely love LSD (long slow distance) runs not only to give me some solo time to destress and reflect but also because this is an essential part of training. LSD running is a great way to get in your best shape and give your body an easy workout. I usually choose to run 10-15 miles nice and easy once a week to stretch out the body and enjoy the beauty of the world around me!


Rule Seven: Now Rest and Repeat

If you followed the weekly routine, you are likely to need a break so take today as a rest day. Every world class runner considers rest an important part of training because this is a day for the body to heal. So kick your feet up, maybe even head for a massage and enjoy today as a rest day!

Hope you enjoyed all the rules that world class runners live by. If you want to run stronger, quicker and more efficiently, make sure you follow these essential rules! And run like the wind!

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