7 Ways to Make Your Run More Fun for Girls Losing Interest in Their Exercise ...


7 Ways to Make Your Run More Fun  for Girls Losing Interest in Their Exercise ...
7 Ways to Make Your Run More Fun  for Girls Losing Interest in Their Exercise ...

The cool breeze, the change in terrain and the wind as you pound the pavement with every strike of your feet... Running truly is amazing! Slow runs, sprints, long runs, hill repeats; running variation truly rocks. Running is the best way to see the sights while you get your workout in and there never seems to be a dull running day. Even on your days of fatigue, your legs and lungs always seem to work in synergy to get the job done somewhat seamlessly. And every run is like its own mission as you conquer miles, calories and get in your best shape. Want to make your running even more fun? Then follow my super effective ways to spice up your running life!

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Switch up Your Running Routes

Okay, so first off, if you are running the exact same running route on a consistent basis, this is BORING! Running the same route will wear your passion out quickly and will also deprive your body of new challenges! So switch up your running routes to make the most out of every workout and challenge your body to even greater results!


Change the Terrain

If you run the roads every day, you may want to switch up your terrain and head to the trails. Trail running is a great way to challenge your body, in particular your core. There are usually trails mapped out so you can go the distance without hesitating and have a great time!


Add in Some Hill Challenges

I absolutely love adding hill repeats into training because this is a super way to strengthen your hamstrings, build stamina and strengthen your body. Adding hill repeats can break up the monotony and also prevent an injury. So run some repeats and get in your best shape!


Invite a Friend

To add some zest to your running routine, invite a friend for the journey. Running with a partner is a great way to bond while getting your sweat on. It is the safest thing to do and it is also a great way to motivate one another.


Run to Your Destination

Save on gas and save the planet all while saving your health, and run to your destination. I recall running with my wedding invitations in a book bag on my back and I mailed them this way. It was all part of the process of conquering new challenges. So have some fun and run to your destination today!


Sign up for a Race

If running every day on your own is simply the same for you on a daily basis, why not go for a new challenge to conquer and run a race? Running races is a great way to expose yourself to a whole new set of healthy people and also set individual goals of bettering your time. So put your body to the test!


Get New Running Gear

What could make your running even more fun? How about some new workout gear to make you feel better! New gear can help you to feel stronger and you may even go a further distance due to your increased confidence. Treat yourself to some new gear that makes you feel like the running rockstar that you truly are!

So with these ways to make running even more fun, lace up your running kicks and put them to the test yourself. Are you ready for the running challenge? Well then tag, you are it, now run for the betterment of your life!

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