7 Great Ways to Bring the Joy Back into Your Run ...


7 Great Ways to Bring the Joy Back into Your Run ...
7 Great Ways to Bring the Joy Back into Your Run ...

If it is becoming hard to pull on those running shoes and be motivated to pound the streets, be inspired by some ways to revitalize your run. Actually, even if you aren’t lacking motivation, getting a little more inspiration is certainly not going to do you any harm, and may even make you push harder and will prevent running becoming dull, monotonous and boring. The ways to revitalize your run are easy! Check them out.

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Electronic Help

It’s there, it’s ready, it’s easily available and it is affordable. So what is this most magical of ways to revitalize your run? Why, technology of course. Do you ever go running without your smart phone? Thought not! So make use of it instead of it just being weight to carry. There are more running apps available than you can shake a well toned buttock at. Whether you want to measure distance, times, energy expended or lots of other technical things, you’ll find an app for it and plenty to do things you never imagined.


Shorter is Not Copping out

You know, when it comes to how to enjoy running again, it’s not rocket science that will freeze your brain. If you can’t face your regular routine, shorten the distance, or halve the time you’re out there pounding the beat. No exercise is ever going to be bad for you and if a few shorter sessions help rekindle your love of running, that’s so great.


Words of Wisdom

Do words or quotes inspire areas of your life? Yes? Why not let them work for your running too! Find some quotes that motivate you and learn them. Repeat them as you’re pulling on your workout gear and tying up your running shoe laces. Read runners’ blogs and be inspired by them. And if you really want to make words work for you, let’s get with the age old trick of writing it out. Start your own running blog. It’s a great way to track your progress as a runner, setting yourself targets and thrilling in achieving them. And, it’s a great way to join the worldwide running community.


Watch It, Work It

If the wordy ways to revitalize your run and don’t really float your boat, maybe visual stimuli will get those legs pumping again. You can seek out some motivational video blogs on YouTube. Hey – you might even want to try making your own running video. You can critique your style and form and set new goals of being a better runner, rather than focusing on distance and time, if that is what was giving you the general downer on running. And if those videos don’t do anything for you, watch some of the great movies about running – Chariots of Fire, Without Limits and Gallipoli are very different movies and inspire in different ways.


Beat to the Beat

Do you always run to the same playlist? When was the last time you changed the sounds on you iPod? Even if you still love your usual running tunes, they could be culpable in the end of your love affair with running. Get some new tunes, girl!


New Shoes, New You

OK, it’s such a girlie thing but think about it. To me this is one of the obvious ways to motivate you to run. When you buy a new pair of sparkly heels, you just can’t wait to wear them, can you? They sit in the box calling to you until that perfect occasion arises. Well, you don’t need an occasion to put on a brand new pair of runners. Get thee to the mall, girl, get some new shoes and take them out on a test run as soon as you get home. While you’re at the mall – and if your budget can take it – why not pick up a new piece of fancy-schmancy running gear while you’re at it?


Ditch It!

If you’re not enjoying it, give it up for a while. Change your form of exercise for a while. Take out a short term membership at a gym, learn yoga, go swimming – try a new form of exercise you’ve never had time for before because running was your exercise of choice. Running will still be there when you’re ready to get back at it. And if not, it’s no matter – as long as you’re exercising regularly and well.

Is running becoming a bit jaded for you? Do you think there's inspiration here that might work for you?

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I would just add...find a motivator that works for you. I sign up for races and it keeps me in shape and motivated. I love the apps but I do not run with my phone. Running is my me time and I do not let phone calls and ding ding ding interrupt that. I use my I-pod strictly for exercise.

You should def. write an article on the apps!

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