7 Ways Running Makes You Stronger ...

By Tara

7 Ways Running Makes You Stronger ...

Having been a runner since the young age of seven, I know plenty of ways running makes you stronger. Through every tough time of life’s adversity, running has always seemed to pull me through. Sounds kind of crazy to think a workout actually helped me through tough times, right? But it is true; in a run you can find a solution, find inner peace and re-find yourself. There are so many ways running makes you stronger like:

Table of contents:

  1. build confidence
  2. strengthens your heart and other organs
  3. running uplifts your mood
  4. helps fight disease
  5. learn to love yourself
  6. have more energy
  7. lose some of your fears

1 Build Confidence

No matter how tough a day it is, I always know I can feel confident when I head out for my run. Running makes me feel proud because it is something I know I can always do. And after a run, I always feel confident because I know I completed this run with my legs. And for this reason, building confidence is one of the many ways running makes you stronger.

2 Strengthens Your Heart and Other Organs

Did you know running builds your heart and other organs? Running strengthens your heart by pumping blood more effectively through your body. Running also helps you to build your oxygen capacity and your lungs. Additionally running is a body weight exercise that can help reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Not convinced just yet? Then read more about what running can do for you.

3 Running Uplifts Your Mood

Having a hard day and nothing seems to be going your way? Then get out for a run. Running uplifts your mood because of the endorphins that are released in the body. These happy chemicals will leave you sweaty but with a smile. So did you get your run in today? If not yet, then get your run in so that you can turn that frown upside down.

4 Helps Fight Disease

Did you know running can actually help fight diseases such as Alzheimer’s and some forms of cancer? Most recently a woman ran a longer distance of a marathon every day for a year and was actually able to cure herself of multiple sclerosis. Sounds unbelievable, right? Well believe it because it is true. Running has countless benefits.

5 Learn to Love Yourself

Caught up in work and family life so much that you may have lost yourself? If this is you, I get you but running helps you to have solo time to learn to love yourself. This is individual time for you to get outside to enjoy the weather and just be you!

6 Have More Energy

As crazy as life can get in all that I do in between 3 kids, work, volunteering and everything else; running is what makes me have more energy to get it all done. If you find time for your run, you will be amazed in how much more you do in a day. You would think it would be the opposite, but running actually gives you more fuel for the day.

7 Lose Some of Your Fears

As you get older you may have some fears you never had before and in some ways become more reserved. When you run you are free and it seems like nothing in the world matters; it is a great feeling. Lose some of your fears and have fun while you run.

So tell me do you feel like running has made you stronger? I think running is one of the best workouts because it allows you time to focus on just yourself and as a mom this is the only time I ever get to do this. From my runs I find I am a better mom, more balanced and focused on all my other tasks. Do you feel the same way? Happy running to you!

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