7 Ways to Run Better with Each Passing Day ...


7 Ways to Run Better with Each Passing Day ...
7 Ways to Run Better with Each Passing Day ...

As you lace up your shoes daily and head out for your run, you may be wondering if there are ways to run better. You want to run faster, longer and continue this for the rest of your life, but you are not sure if this is even possible. So are there simple things that you can do in your training to help you to achieve these running goals? Absolutely! By varying your training, proper nutrition, using methods to aid recovery and getting in the right mindset can make a world of difference in your running results. But are you ready to dedicate time so you can discover the ways to run better?

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Baby Steps

So as you go over your list of running goals like running a faster 5k, running a longer race and just running quicker, where do you begin? It is important to list out your goals first and then the steps you will take to achieve these goals. To achieve, it is always important to have a plan in your path to get there. Taking things step by step is one of the ways to run better.


The Power of Cross Training

You run six days a week and still find that your running times are not improving? You have tried every running and training tip on the block, but still no results? Try including cross training into your regimen, like resistance training, cycling and swimming. Cross training can give you a huge edge in your training and also reduce the risk of a running injury. So make sure you cross train for 2-3 days a week.


Varying Your Runs

If you run the same pace, distance and running route every day, how in the world can you improve? Make sure you vary your runs by running speed intervals one day, long distance another day, mid speed, along with varying your running route. Aside from reducing the boredom of the same scenery every day, differing your running routes will expose you to different elevations to challenge your body.


Proper Nutrition

What does that really mean? Does that mean you can never eat a cookie or cake? No, but this does mean you should make vegetables the bulk of your meals and focus on eating for the betterment of your health. Make sure you eat healthy so you can fuel your runs.


Core Strength Gives You an Edge

Did you want a competitive edge in your training without having to increase your mileage? Then focus on core training by doing exercises like the planks, superman and abdominal exercises. Core strength will help to decrease the likelihood of an injury and quicken your running times.


Getting in the Right Mindset

In order to be a quicker runner you have to get in the right mindset and just believe in yourself. We often have so much self-doubt that we cause failure. Become a better runner by believing in your own success. If you embody this positive mindset, you will see so much good as a result.


Recovery Tricks

One of the best ways to recover from your runs is taking one day of rest a week. When you run, you cause micro tears in your muscles and the only way to fully recover is rest. Do you rest after your ultra-intense runs? You can also take an ice bath to reduce inflammation or elevate your legs. Make sure you listen to your body so that you can become a better runner.

Hope you have enjoyed my tips in how you can become a better runner. What are your running goals? And what is your plan to help you to achieve these goals? Happy running to you!

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