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As running season begins, have you thought of ways to crank up your running training? By adding little to no time to your current schedule and diversifying your workouts, you can crank up your training. Would you like to run faster and recover sooner? Then you just may need to amplify your training. By adding in hill repeats, speed workouts, resistance training and long easy runs; you may find yourself running quicker and feeling even better. So where do you get started? Here are the ways to crank up your running training:

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Run with Purpose

Rather than just running to get some miles in each week, run with purpose. What are you training for? Set out a schedule according to your specific running goals. If you run with purpose you can focus on quality miles rather than simply quantity. It is much easier to just run as compared to having schedule workouts but there is a reward to your planning - great results. This is a great way to crank up your running training.


Hill Repeats

To strengthen your hamstrings and challenge your body, perform hill repeats. Hill repeats are performed with a short 1 to 2 min rest and then repeated 2-6 times. I usually do quarter mile hill repeats to crank up my training and I am always amazed at the results. After building up your strength with hill repeats you just may find yourself coasting as you run on a flat area.


Short Distance Speed Workout

Whether you decide to run 800 repeats, mile repeats or the 5k; make sure you add short distance speed workouts into your training to recruit fast twitch muscle fiber. Fast twitch muscle fiber is the prominent muscle fiber in a sprinter's body and yes, even you can recruit some by adding speed workouts.


Resistance Training

By adding resistance training, you can crank up your training and strengthen your total body. All the major running athletes do it and for good reason; resistance training is great for your body and it will help to diversify your training.


Long Slow Distance

To build slow twitch muscle fiber (what marathoners mainly have); go for a long slow distance run. I usually recommend running 2 minutes slower than race pace and taking it easy. This long slow run will also help to remove toxins from your body.


Long Distance Speed Workout

In a long distance speed workout you should run the first mile easy, then 2 miles sprint, ½ mile easy jog, 3 miles sprint, ½ easy jog and then finish with your fastest mile. This is just an 8 mile run but because of the altering high intensity pace, this is one of the toughest workouts that will strengthen you both mentally and physically!


Proper Training Nutrition

As you crank up your training you may notice one very big thing; you crave more nutrition. So what should you eat? Since you are diversifying your training one of the core components will be extra protein. This protein will help your torn muscle fiber from your hard workouts, to repair and also keep you fuller longer. So choose lean meats, fish, eggs and yogurt.

I hope you have enjoyed my tips and ways to crank up your workouts and this helps you to run stronger and better meet your goals. So tell me, what is your favorite distance and will you crank up this training?

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Hey is there anyway I could contact you? I could really use some help.

I'm really interested in just "not to run out of breath" so fast. Started speed walking for 25 minutes and running for about 5-8 minutes. What should I do to improve? I mean, maybe I'm doing something wrong?

"This is just an 8 mile run" to many people 8 miles is a huge feat.

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