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Want to know the ways to pace your runs so that you can make the most out of your training? Do you find that when you run, you are often winded and tired in the first mile? If yes, you are probably going out too quick. Do you always run the same pace in your training without variety? If you answered yes, you are probably stuck in a running plateau, always running the same pace. Do you want to improve your running times and feel a boost of energy while you pound the pavement? Then read the ways to pace your runs so you can make the most out of every running step you take:

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Don’t Go out Too Fast

If you find yourself sprinting at the beginning of your run, then being winded and exhausted before the first mile, you are going out too fast. Slow your pace down and consider the first mile a warm up. This will help you to avoid being in oxygen debt in the beginning of your run and it will also help you to avoid becoming injured. That's why going out easy is one of the best ways to pace your runs.


Run Solo

If you enjoy running with a friend that is slower than you, it could be holding you back. It is great to run and socialize but this could be keeping you from making the most of your running workout. So save one day a week to run with your friend and take it easy. Use the 3-5 days that you run to push the pace and challenge yourself.


Don’t Get Stuck in the Medium Trap

If you find yourself running at medium pace, never pushing to the next level but always feeling good during the run, then you are stuck in the medium trap. If you always run the same pace, void of variety, then you are in the medium trap. So get out of doing just okay and be amazing by pushing to the next level. Add some variety into your training - and read on to find out more!


Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

If you feel comfortable when you're running, can easily hold a conversation and are not labored in your breathing, you are way too comfortable. To make the most out of your training efforts you want to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Some of your runs can be easy, but some of your training is also about putting forth some extra effort. At some points it may even hurt (in a good way), so push it already. Give it all you got, starting today!


Vary Your Runs

If you run every run at the same effort, you need to start varying your runs. Add a day of speed, a day of doing hill repeats, a long run each week and other training diversity. By switching up your runs, you will begin to see improvement in your training. So be diverse in your running training and pace yourself!


Try to Push It Midway

In the middle of your run you are halfway there, so start to pick up your running pace. If you push yourself more in the second half of your run, you will have negative splits. You will see vast improvement in your running results if you can do this, so push yourself to the next level!


Make Sure You Finish Your Run Feeling Tired

Be sore or be sorry you did not push yourself enough in your run. Drive it on in and finish your run strong so that you can get a great running workout. You should finish your run with no regrets. You do not want to regret not pushing yourself enough in your runs.

Now that you know the best way to pace yourself in your runs, get running and make the most out of every step you take. Are you ready to have a great run? Then push yourself, pace yourself and enjoy every mile!

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I should've read this earlier .. Lol . Had to run a mile today !

Helpful thanks ! gona do this with my next run :)


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