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As a longtime runner for over twenty years, I have many tips to help you run more efficiently, effectively and have fun! In my career, I am a personal trainer and running coach, having the pleasure to train thousands of clients to run their best! I enjoy running because of the way it makes me look and feel. After my runs I feel rejuvenated and a better sense of myself. I also have amazing health markers due to my running shape. Want to better your health and look even better? Then read my tips to help you run:

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Just Run

As you lie in bed in the early morning debating on getting up for your run, my best advice is to just do it. If you over-think your workout it will not happen because your motivation may dwindle. Stop wasting time and get going on your run. Jump start your weight loss and better health by getting into a running schedule. Achieving great results tops my tips to help you run!


Have a Destination

It is so much fun to have a destination on your runs. For example, one day I ran to the bank to deposit a check. Another day I ran to the top of a mountain to take pictures. One day I even ran to get my nails done. Having a destination to run to gives you a reachable goal and a fun way to distract you as you log in your miles. So save some energy and run to you next manicure appointment, you will be proud of all that you accomplished.


Remember a Dynamic Stretch is Best

Static stretches do little other than killing some time. To stretch your muscles before your run do a dynamic stretch of jumping jacks, rotating lunges, and a runner’s stretch. This will stretch your muscles while gradually raising your heart rate.


Focus on Form

Keep a strong posture, arms at your side, relax your arms and just run. If you focus on proper form, you will help to prevent an injury, run more efficiently and effectively. Runners with proper form even run quicker!


Dress the Part

Wear proper running shoes fitted to your foot and running technique. Also make sure to dress in layers for your runs. If you dress in layers you can always layer down if you are warm or layer up if you are cool.


Make Running Friends

Surround yourself with a support network of fellow runners by making running friends. Running friends can help you get out for a run in the cold or boost your motivation when it is lacking. You can also use your runs as therapy to talk with your running friends about the stress and rigors of life.


Have Fun

Running should be a time for you to focus on your mental and physical health. Running is a time to just focus on bettering you. So get out and enjoy your runs and have fun! If you take this relaxed approach to running, you will find your runs more as a treat than a workout and the pounds will melt away as a result.

Now that you have these tips to help you run your best, which tips will you try first? Or do you currently practice any of these tips in your running life?

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I just went running today and it felt so nice! Nomally I delay to another day and still don't do it but than I read these tips and just ran ☺️

I have always wanted to be a runner but let my own mind create obstacles for me. I just moved to China and have found a beautiful running route along a lake and have been running every morning since. It makes me proud of myself first thing in the morning and gives me tons of energy throughout the day! These tips are all wonderful, thank you for this article!

Last year, my two best friends and I have started to run. We started out with just 20 minutes and looooots of breaks :D but we found it a lot easier to run if you have your best friends to motivate you and to talk to you :) and because we never run out of stuff to say I'm always distracted and entertained :) and last week we finally reached our goal of 11 kilometers :))

I love that I found running but I'm hitting a wall because of shin splints. I need new sneakers but lost me job money is tight, I tried compression socks any other suggestions?

I like them all & I most certainly utilize the first and the last tips. In fact, sometimes just running is when you have the most fun! You need goals, but you also need to remember to just run and have fun. Thanks for the post

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