7 Ways to Rev up Your Runs ...


7 Ways to Rev up Your Runs ...
7 Ways to Rev up Your Runs ...

Looking for some ways to rev up your runs because you are bored of the same running routine or have hit a plateau in your results? In order to see continued results you should run a variety of different running workouts and cross train. If you run the same pace and distance each day you will not benefit as much as a broad range of running routines. Some runs should include speed, other days should be long and slow, and do not forget about hill workouts because they will really challenge you. As your running coach, I have some ways to rev up your runs so you will see continued results and so that you will get quicker and get stronger. These simple and effective ways will help you to gain strength, endurance, quicken your times and even change your body!

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Run 4-5 Days per Week with Variety

Aim to run 4-5 days per week with a different focus each day. The components of focus are: speed, tempo, long slow distance, intervals and mid speed. By focusing on each component separately you will see greater changes in your running results and also decrease boredom. Variety is the number one way to rev up your runs because of the results it will provide!


Speed up Your Runs

How in the world will you quicken your 5k race time if you never perform speed in your training? It is unlikely because training is integral to better performance. Try to run three 800 repeats at race pace with a 1 mile warm up and 1 mile cool down. Perform this workout once a week or every other week to push yourself to a new level. You will finish your next race stronger as a result!


Tempo Runs Will Help You Feel Stronger

I love tempo runs because you feel so accomplished when you complete this workout and see a difference in quickening your speed. In order to perform a tempo run, log in a 4-5 mile run at 75-80% of race pace. If you are a distance runner you can do a 6-8 mile tempo run to help strengthen you for your distance races.


Long Slow Distance Runs Build Your Endurance

I enjoy running low slow distance once a week to relax and enjoy the sights as my legs glide across the pavement (okay, sometimes I may not feel like I am gliding). A long slow distance run is usually an 8-10 mile run at easy, comfortable talking pace. This is a great recovery workout for draining lactic acid build up.


Interval Training is Helpful with Weight Loss Goals

Interval training is helpful in expediting your weight loss goals and also helping you to build your endurance to run longer. I like to perform my interval training by running one mile quick, then one mile easy jog, repeat again 3 times or less if you are not up to this mileage just yet.


Add a Leg Strengthening Routine into Your Workout

Cross training is key in any balanced running program. To cross train add a leg strengthening day. Your workout should consist of lunges, squats and calf raises. These exercises will help you to strengthen and tone, and are helpful in preventing an injury.


Focus on Your Core

One of the greatest strengths that elite runners have is a strong core. Elite runners are not born with a strong core, but with abdominal training they work to achieve this. By having a strong core you will not only run quicker but also help to prevent injury. Focus on performing the plank. The plank is the number one most effective exercise in strengthening the core. To perform this exercise, get on your forearms with your body in a straight line from head to toe. Aim for 20 seconds to 1 minute for 3 days per week to begin with.

Now that you have my tips on ways to rev up your runs with a variety of running workouts, I hope they help you to achieve your goals. What are your running goals? And what does your current running routine consist of?

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I love your advice, I'm only 13 and I would love to try an train for a big run. Right now the most I have gone is 6 miles at a decent pace. I run with my dad in the forest preserve, or with friends (that are much better than me). I think I have it in me to do a half marathon at least. What do you think, I mean I know I'm still young but with proper training I think I could reach my goal. I'm turning 14 in 4 months and I would like to do it before I turn 15. Ive been in cross country since I was 11. Do you have any tips on gaining endurance and speed?

I love your running advice! I think I have saved every one of them...but you are an accomplished runner, and you log lots of miles. My last race was 3 years ago, it was a charity run for the Michael J. fox Foundation, and I while I did use my typical race routine, which is to start at my slower pace and gradually work up to a "race" tempo, I'm not averaging 5 minute splits lol...I think it would be important to stress that whether you run 50 miles a week, or 3, women can still incorporate your suggestions, and get results, without being intimidated by how fast or how far they go

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