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Want to know how to transition from treadmill to outdoor running? Running outside is without a doubt more challenging ,and it will get you your daily Vitamin D to leave you feeling energized and looking great! With the wind resistance, incline and change of terrain, your outdoor runs will probably leave you feeling sore too. The bonus is that you will feel even more accomplished than you felt running indoors. Get out to have some fun in the sun while you run and follow the ways to transition from treadmill to outdoor running:

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Take Baby Steps

Get outside just one day a week and then each week, add another day. This easy transition will help you to avoid becoming sidelined due to an injury. Running on a treadmill is much easier on the joints, so take baby steps as you ease your way to running in the great outdoors. Easy does it and you will get there! This is one of the best ways to transition from treadmill to outdoor running.


Slow and Steady

As you run along, take it slow and steady as this will help you with the race of life - or at least with running. With the wind resistance, hills and altering terrain, you may find your pace slowing down. Don’t be discouraged! Keep it steady and enjoy the scenery. Be patient; you have been running with a belt moving under you for how long? Be realistic and your pace will quicken in time!


Avoid Concrete

Running on a rubber belt is much easier on your joints than pounding the pavement. So start out on a track, trail or grass and ease into running on the roads. When possible, avoid concrete altogether, as this is hardest on your joints.


Think Safety First

Running on the treadmill is safe because you don't have to worry about traffic or the public, but running outdoors has endless physical and psychological benefits. Get outside and run against traffic, so you can be aware of the cars coming at you. And avoid running in isolated areas to avoid putting yourself at risk. It's always better to be safe than sorry.


Alternate Running Routes

Switch up the scenery and alternate your running routes. Don't run the same route each day! Change it up and get out of your realm. One of the many benefits of running outdoors is you can see different areas from a whole new perspective when on foot. So enjoy the sites as you run!


Invest in a GPS Watch

You've had the treadmill keep track for you before now, but if you want to see how well you are transitioning to running outdoors, to track your running pace, distance, cadence (foot strikes) and elevation, then invest in a GPS watch, if you plan on running outdoors for a while, this investment is well worth it. I use my GPS watch every day and on slow days, a simple glimpse of my pace motivates me to push more!


Have Fun in the Sun

On a treadmill you can watch a good movie and the miles go by fairly quickly but when running outdoors between the wind, sun and scenery, the miles seem to fly by. As you transition from the treadmill to running outdoors, have fun with it. So lace up your kicks, dress for the weather and get outside for a great run! And have fun in the sun while you run!

So tell me are you ready to head outdoors to have a great run with the wind in your hair? Wishing you happy running, good health and a great life!

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