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Are you looking for ways to improve your running form so you can run stronger and longer? If you focus on form you can do just that in a short amount of time. Proper running form can help you to have a more efficient and effective run. Simple tips can make a world of difference in your running pace. So are you ready to make simple changes in your form to see improvement? Great! As a certified trainer and running coach, I am here to help you with these ways to improve your running form:

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Land on Forefoot

One of the best ways to improve your running form is to improve your running strike. Focus on landing on your forefoot rather than your heels first with each stride. By running this way, you can actually soften the blow of each foot strike and possibly even prevent a later injury. Proper foot strike is one of the best ways to improve your running form.


Do Not Lengthen Too Far

When you run you should feel like you are leaning slightly forward and stand tall to lengthen your stride. Just do not overextend or you can expend too much energy. Experiment with both and see the difference by simply altering your running stride.


Make Each Stride Work

Rather than over extending each stride, in your training runs you should make each stride effective by pumping your arms and taking quick running steps. Running in this fashion will put less pounding on your joints, allowing you to run stronger and longer.


Keep Your Arms at Your Sides

As you run, pump your arms at your side, making certain not to allow your arms to shift to the front. If you focus on proper running form you will see a world of difference in the efficiency of your runs. You will run quicker and even feel better as a result.


Less is More

Do not cover your foot with ultra-supportive, cushioned shoes. If you wear less support, the muscles in your feet will actually strengthen and develop more. This is a reason numerous runners turn to barefoot running at some point or another. I am not a barefoot runner but I do practice running in lightweight, minimalist shoes to develop the muscles and tendons in my feet.


Position Your Hips Properly

When you run keep your back straight so your hips will naturally fall into proper form. You can lean slightly forward when running uphill but just slightly, or you can hurt your back. Since your hips are the center of your gravity, if you have your hips aligned it makes a tremendous difference in perfecting your running form!



Sometimes you find yourself so focused on running quicker that your back starts to tighten and your running form begins to suffer. Relax and enjoy the run, take a deep breath and have a great time! One of the main reasons you run is because of the sheer joy, so relax and enjoy your run. Go have some fun one mile at a time!

Now that you are aware of all the simple things you can do to perfect your running form, what are you waiting for? Do you run with proper form? Hope you have a happy running year running perfect miles with perfect form!

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