7 Pregnant Running Stories That Will Inspire You ...


I have countless pregnant running stories because I ran until my delivery day with all three of my children, and I have also trained many pregnant runners. These stories are meant to inspire you, but heed caution and always listen to your doctor first because every pregnant woman is different. Not all pregnant women can run and this depends on if you have a high risk pregnancy or any other health issues. But if you do get the green light to continue your running, it is pretty amazing. I will remember running pregnant for a lifetime. Here are several pregnant running stories that will inspire you:

1. Marathon in Boston

Running the Boston Marathon, I just did not feel right. I was feeling morning sickness and the run only made me feel worse so I took it easy. I kept telling my husband I was pregnant for weeks but every pregnancy test told otherwise, testing negative. When I finished Boston with a time that was slower than my usual (over 4 hours), I took my 8th pregnancy test and it was still negative. This is the first of my pregnant running stories to inspire you.

Giving It Another Try in Ohio
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