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Newly pregnant and looking for tips for pregnant runners because you want to continue running while you are expecting? You are not alone. You are part of a large network of pregnant runners that have hopes to continue running safely for as long as they can through their pregnancies. Once it was seen as forbidden to continue exercise when expecting. Now most doctors advise women to continue exercising because of the health benefits for both mom and baby.Here are the essential tips for pregnant runners:

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Talk to Your Doc

Talk it over with our doctor and let him know your pregnancy fitness goals. If you plan to continue running as close as you can to your due date, he will guide you. Discussing everything with your doctor is one of the best tips for pregnant runners because your physician will ensure the safety for both you and the baby growing inside you.


Invest in Pregnancy Fitness Wear

As you continue to run with your growing belly, you may want to invest in a belly fitness band for support, as well as comfort. As your chest grows you may also want to invest in more supportive sports bras. Wearing pregnancy fitness wear can help significantly in enabling you to continue your training.


Listen to Your Body

With the changing of hormones in your pregnancy, one day you may want to run five miles while the next day you may not want to run. Listen to your body and be flexible because it will be changing each and every day in your pregnancy. Some days you may have bursts of energy, while others you may be fatigued.


Try to Avoid Hill Running

Avoid running hills during your pregnancy, especially as you get further along because hills will throw off your balance. With your growing belly, your balance will already be thrown off so you will increase your chances of falling.


Stay Hydrated

Make sure you stay hydrated during your running because you are staying hydrated for two! Make sure you drink 8-12 glasses of water to ensure your fluids are at a proper level. Water facilitates the absorptions of essential nutrients into your cells, so water is a nutritional essential for both you and the fetus growing inside of you.


Use This as Fun Time

Usually, running is more of a time of competition as you work to get stronger and run faster. But when you are pregnant, the pressure is taken off and you can run for fun. As your belly grows, your times may become slower. Enjoy this restful period of running and just have fun!


Replenish Your Calories Expended

As you expend many calories from running, make sure you replenish them. You are fueling for two now so make sure you choose healthy, nutrient-dense food and make the right choices!

Now that you have tips for how to run while pregnant, get ready for a great ride. Consider creating a journal to remember this great time; every flutter, kick or movement from the baby is a miracle. And at the end of your 40 weeks when you have your baby out in the jogging stroller, you can look back at this time and smile. Think safety first and enjoy this amazing pregnancy journey because you cannot relive this time in your life! So tell me, are you planning on exercising in your pregnancy?

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