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You ran through the first trimester without a hitch and now you are wondering how you can continue running in your second trimester of pregnancy, right? Your body is changing, your belly is growing and you begin to feel your baby fluttering inside. It's time to get ready for an amazing road ahead! So should you stop running or can you safely continue? All of this varies by the individual, but if you feel fine and your doctor gives you clearance, why not keep it up? As a certified personal trainer who is also certified in prenatal training, I've got some fantastic tips for running in your second trimester:

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Be Flexible

As your belly expands and your body changes, be flexible in cutting your run. Your 5 mile run may turn into a walk one day and the next day be seamless, so be flexible with this. If you are accepting of your body's changes, you will feel better doing what feels right. Being flexible is one of the best tips for running in your second trimester because it really helps!


Strengthen Your Core

As you continue to put weight on your midsection with your growing belly, your back may begin to ache. This is completely normal and happens with almost every pregnant woman. You should not be doing ab exercises lying on your back, as this can slow down the blood supply delivered to the fetus. But you can do the plank, which will strengthen your core and help alleviate your back pain.


Replenish Your Calories Expended

As you continue to run, you are burning calories and these calories need to be replenished by eating an extra snack. Otherwise, you will deplete nutrition from your baby. I always added a cup of fruit or even a fruit smoothie to my daily intake when I was pregnant, so I was sure to replenish the calories I burned. This also makes a big difference by giving you a surge of energy!


Stay Hydrated

Make sure you drink plenty of water because staying hydrated helps deliver nutrients to the fetus and also ensures you have the proper level of amniotic fluid. If you are dehydrated, you can cause your body to go in preterm, or early labor. So bring water along for your runs and stay hydrated.


Wear Supportive Gear

Proper shoes, a supportive belly band and even compression hose may become staples of your runs in your second trimester. I have had some of my best runs in my second trimester because my supportive gear aided my runs. So invest in this gear, it is well worth the investment.


Listen to Your Body

If you feel like you are off balance and not well in a run, be prepared to walk or take off a day. Listen to your body because you will be experiencing a lot of changes in the second trimester. If you listen to your body, you will be more likely to continue running throughout your pregnancy.


Run for the Health Benefits

Running during your pregnancy can help to lower your blood pressure, lower your risk of developing gestational diabetes, help you to manage your weight gain to a healthy level and even boost your baby’s brain power. Yes, studies have shown that moms that run often deliver babies with a higher IQ. So run for the health benefits for both you and your baby!

Now that you have some tips on running in your second trimester, make sure you listen to your body and if you are up to it, get out for a run. I have had some of my best runs in my pregnancy because they were relaxing and it was great knowing that I was bettering the health of myself and the baby growing inside me. So tell me, are you a pregnant runner and if so, how many weeks are you into your pregnancy?

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