7 Tips for Running in Your First Trimester of Pregnancy ...


As you are running in your first trimester, it is now more important than ever to listen to your body. If you are already a runner, given your doctor’s approval you can probably continue. Most doctors actually recommend that you continue your exercise to maintain your health body. If you are already a runner, just make sure you hydrate more often and avoid running in high temperatures. Running in your pregnancy is amazing but it is important that you stay smart and heed caution. Here are some tips for running in your first trimester of pregnancy:

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Is It Okay, Doc?

Check with your doctor when you are pregnant, and make certain he is okay with your continued running plans. If you were a runner before, there is a good chance you can continue running. If you are an ultra-marathoner, most physicians would simply ask you to lower your mileage while pregnant. Talking with your doctor is important to ensure it is okay to continue running in your first trimester.


Drink up

Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water throughout the day. Often pregnant runners feel very thirsty as they run, so it might be smart to bring along a water bottle so you can stop and drink mid run. Staying hydrated is an important part of nutrition as this will help facilitate your healthy nutrition.


Avoid the High Heat

In the higher heat you should avoid running or stick to running on a treadmill indoors. In the high heat you can induce cramping or even premature labor. So if the weather is hot, stay on the side of caution and enjoy the day off.


Easy on the Heart Rate

Early in the '90s, most physicians recommend that you keep your heart rate under 140 beats per minute, but since there was no data to support this, most doctors advise their patients to listen to their bodies. With all three of my pregnancies it was not my heart rate I had to monitor as much as my breathing. If I had labored breathing I would slow down because I knew I was running too fast. The talk test is always great as well: if you can talk while running, you are running the right pregnancy pace.


Listen to Your Body

Some days you may feel great and other days you may feel bloated and uncomfortable. As you take your prenatal pill, the folic acid in this pill can cause bloating, but running will alleviate some of this. Listen to your body and do not push if you are not feeling well.


Nourish Your Body

As you eat, think about the growing fetus inside you and make the right choices. You may want a cookie right now and one cookie is okay. A whole batch of them will not help the health of your baby, but a salad will. You are no longer just making food choices for yourself, but you now have a whole new life growing inside you.


Know the Good

As you continue to run, you are doing so much good for both you and your baby. You are lowering your blood pressure, reducing the risk of gestational diabetes and some studies even show that exercise can increase your baby's brain functionality. So if you are able to continue exercising, keep going.

Hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy and you are able to continue running. Congratulations in advance. May the rest of your life be the best of your life with your precious bundle of joy to be! Did you run during your first trimester, or do you intend to?

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