7 Ways to Push Yourself to Run when You do Not Feel like Running ...


Want to know the ways to push yourself to run when you are not in the mood to run? You know the feeling when you are tired, over worked or just lacking the motivation to run. How do you get over your lack of energy and push yourself when you do not feel like running? As a distance runner, I have plenty of ways to help you get motivated to lace up those shoes and log up some miles. Let me help motivate you with these ways to push yourself to run when this is the last thing you want to do:

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Lace up Your Shoes

The simple act of lacing up your shoes can help put you in the mood for a run. I feel like once I lace up my running shoes, there is no turning back. After this, I am out the door and pounding the pavement in a productive run! That is why putting on your running shoes is one of the best ways to push yourself to run!


Create a New Playlist

Tired of listening to the same old tunes when you run? Then switch up your playlist with the same music you sing to on your morning commute. Listening to this new playlist while you run may have you running stronger and longer!


Call up a Friend

Call up a running friend and meet up to chitter chatter while racking up some miles. Running with a friend will make your miles seem effortless while you socialize. And you can push one another to run quicker! As a busy mom of 3, I enjoy meeting up with a friend for a run because I can get my run in while I catch up.


Put on a Movie

If you are planning on running on your treadmill, put on a movie or television show and make a goal to run through the entire show. I have watched many movies while doing 10, 15 or 20 miles runs. Watching a show is a great way to get motivated to get your run in!


Try a New Route

Tired of running the same running route day in and day out? Well, switch up and try a new route. Look for a more scenic route so you can motivate yourself and enjoy the scenery around you! There is nothing better than taking in the sun and scenery and you get an awesome running workout in!


Sign up for a Race

Sign up for a race in the near future, then get out for your run. You cannot run a race without training, so get moving and get motivated. I always find my motivation is rejuvenated after I register for a race. After all, you would not want to show up at the starting line stiff and under-trained, so get motivated and get running!


Don’t Think

If you lay around thinking about your run, you will never do it. One of the easiest ways to get motivated to run is lace up your shoes, do not think further, get out the door and just run! You can think about life and reflect while on your run but in the moments leading up, just go!

Now that you know the ways to push yourself to run, are you feeling motivated? Get out of the door and go have a great run. Let your 4 mile run turn into an 8 miler because you are lost in your love of running! Feel the wind on your face, power in your legs and strength of your heart on your next run and just do it!

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going out for my first run in a few weeks great to read you pointers thanks J

These are good ideas! 😱 I definitely needed this😂👍

Needed this!

thank u so much for good idea bez I used to give up many time. ;))

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