7 Ways to Transition from Treadmill to Outdoor Running ...


If you have spent a winter indoors running on the treadmill, or maybe you have spent time running on the gym treadmill, you may want to transition from treadmill to outdoor running to get the most out of your workout. Spending countless hours running on a treadmill may help in terms of convenience, but it is definitely not as challenging as running outdoors, nor as scenic. So how do you transition from treadmill to outdoor running?

1. Go Gradual

If you have been running indoors for the past three months, chances are you are well adjusted to running on a moving belt that is softer on your joints and has no alteration in terrain. The treadmill is much easier to run on than the pavement, so gradually get outdoors starting with just 2 days of outdoor running in the first week. This is the best way to transition from treadmill to outdoor running.

Head to the Track
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