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Are you wondering what are the ways to run through your pregnancy? If you are a runner and trying to get pregnant, I am sure this topic has crossed your mind. I know this was on my mind when I got pregnant with my first child ten years ago. I wanted to continue running but I did not want to over exert myself, so I researched as if it was my job (not knowing one day, it would be my job). It was once unheard of, but now because of positive medical research, it is not uncommon to run through your pregnancy. In fact studies have shown that it is healthy for both you and your baby. Many women run right up until the very day that they deliver their child with the doctor’s approval. This is not for every woman, as women with high risk pregnancies should not run, so your doctor should be aware of your goal. And if you are cleared and ready to go with your baby bump, here are the ways to run through your pregnancy:

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Month 1

As your body begins to change and you feel alterations in your hormonal levels, running will help your body to achieve balance. Make sure you listen to your body, hydrate through your run and enjoy your run as you think about the growing baby in your body. Taking it easy is one of the best ways to run through your pregnancy.


Month 2

As your breasts start to change, they may have already grown and your appetite starts to surge, get out for an easy run and think about the new body you will be nourishing. Make sure to eat healthy and hydrate to give the fetus plenty of nutrients.


Month 3

You are starting to look more like you ate a big meal then you are pregnant and you anticipate people starting to know that you are pregnant. As you are overjoyed with this great news, you may begin to tell friends and family. You may feel a lack of balance as your body is changing so try to stick to flat running routes to keep your body comfortable. Make sure you listen to your body and do not push too hard in your runs.


Month 4

You feel flutters when you are sitting at home but when you run the baby is not moving. Most pregnant runners find that the fetus is sleeping when they run. When they deliver their baby, they may seem the same pattern when they push their baby in a running stroller. Make sure to sip water and stay hydrated, have a nice run!


Month 5

At this point even strangers can tell that you are pregnant, you are feeling the pregnancy glow and cannot wait to get out for a run. As you run you feel a kick (which is rare when you run), the baby is starting to feel less room. I would often touch my stomach in the middle of my run and tell my baby how much I loved him or her. With all three pregnancies I felt great in my runs, I hope you do as well. And make sure you have a snack after your run because you need to replenish your calories expended.


Month 6-7

In the next two months you will see your body rapidly growing and you may feel like your body has transformed. If you feel uncomfortable running at this point, switch to speed walking. I found myself comfortable, however I did start wearing a supportive belly band to protect my back. Listen to your body and do not push your heart rate. You should be running at walking pace without feeling that your breathing is labored.


Month 8-9

As you are in the home stretch and you feel lack of motivation to even get out of bed, nonetheless run, listen to your body cues. Running will help you achieve balance but if you are just not that into it in the last stage of your pregnancy, give your body a break and walk. I exercised up until the very last day with all three pregnancies because that is what worked for me, but if I did not feel up to it, I would not have done this. So listen to your body and have a great delivery day!

Hope you have enjoyed my tips to help you to run through pregnancy. Remember everyone is different so listen to your growing body and enjoy each day of your pregnancy because you cannot relive this. Congratulations to you and your growing miracle, momma!

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Very thankful

So helpful! Are there any good books out there that address pregnancy and running? Would love some recommendations.

Yay!!! Good news I love to run and hopefully when I get pregnant I can still do it!

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