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Are you looking for ways to get out of a running rut? You know the feeling - you lack the energy to get out for a run, although you know once you push yourself you will be glad you did. You awake in the morning about to embark on your run and you are just not feeling focused or even any drive. You used to enjoy your runs and lately you lack the motivation. So here are the ways you can get out of a running rut:

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Change up Your Runs

Maybe you are bored of your current runs and need a change in gears. Could you be feeling running boredom? Get out of your running rut by changing up your runs and trying something new. Variety is the spice of life, right? So change it up to get out of a running rut.


Pick up the Pace

If you are running the same pace, it is no wonder you are feeling in a rut. Pick up the pace and add in some sprints so that you can get in the zone. All it sometimes takes is switching up your normal routine.


Visit Destinations

Have you always wanted to hike on the nearest mountain, why not run one of their trails instead? Or run to the nearby park. If you visit destinations while you run, you will get out of a running rut. Keep things interesting and amplify your motivation again.


Call up a Friend

If you haven’t seen your fitness friend in a while, why not meet up for a run? Just talking about your running goals and bonding with a friend will help you to get out of a running rut and get motivated again to work towards your goals.


Register for a Race

Why are you out of the racing scene? Is it just not your thing right now, at this point in your life? Register for a race even if you have not been racing because this will help you get out of a running rut, see old friends and motivate you to train harder.


Get New Running Gear

New sneakers, running shorts and a sports bra will help motivate you to get out of your running rut. You want to wear your gear while you run so this is the extra motivation you just may need to boost your running ambition. New gear can push you to the next level and get you from taking the day off to running 8 miles. Invest in some new gear, this is an investment in your health.


Change up Your Running Music

Tired of the same old tunes on your running mix? Switch up your tunes with some current music on the radio. Choose music that motivates you to run stronger and pushes you to continue. If you run to music that is a quicker beat you will run faster so choose speedy tunes with beats per minute over 150. Do you run to music? I do not listen to music in races but I do occasionally in my training and it really does make a tremendous difference.

Hope my tips will help you to refocus on your running goals and get out of your running rut. What are your ways to get out of a running rut?

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Just what I needed at the moment! Thanks!

Your advice is spot on as usual I have utilized all of these at some point to re-energize my motivation. Couple of things I have learned by experience, since I have been running a while, Mary Decker was my inspiration lol, and these two concepts only work if running has already been integrated into your daily life: sometimes just taking a few days off, I mean literally not running at all for 2 or 3 or maybe even more days can help recharge your running battery. Sometimes, I think, you just need some time off; also, cutting back on the intensity of your runs can also help revitalize your running engine. Many times you keep pushing the time and the distance and the intervals, you may need a week where you just put on those running shoes, tune in the iPod and just go where your feet take you, look at the scenery, maybe reset your goals, or ponder a problem you've been having. Or try to come up with a new recipe or exotic salad. Sometimes, I have found, after you've amped it up to 11, you need to just turn off the amp for a bit, swap the Fender for a Gibson and just strum for a few days, to reinvigorate your goals and motivation

agréât way to know meny things in life

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