7 Ways Running Changed My Life and How It Can do the Same for You ...


There are so many ways running changed my life that I cannot imagine my life without this amazing sport. Running is my therapy, to which I turn when I need a dose of meditation. Running is my way of getting a good sweat and really feeling the burn. Running is the way I fit in my clothes and feel confident. And running gives me more energy. These are just a few of the ways running changed my life and it can do the same for you. Here is how:

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Improved Health

One of the ways running changed my life is by bettering my health. I have been a runner since the young age of 7, but as I got older and increased my running mileage, I noticed I got sick less often. I visited the doctor less frequently, other than for routine check-ups, and I felt better! Running can do the very same for you!


Better Mom

Running gives me more patience to be a better mom and it allows me to feel great about prioritizing my health since my major focus is always my children. Running allows me to enjoy “me” time without worrying about emails, work or any other distractions.


Happier Person

Running produces endorphins, which are happy chemicals, and as a result I feel happier after a run. It's amazing how a run can completely change my demeanor, and it makes me just enjoy the day. Running can do the very same for you, so get out for a great run!


More Energy

Running gives me more energy and I find it is a great way to jump start my day. When I run in the early morning, I tend to get the most out of the day because of the surge in energy that I have. So to have more energy and accomplish more in a day than you can imagine, get out for a great run!


Lean Body

To lower your body fat and lean down, get out for a great run. Running has helped me achieve my goal weight and achieve the lean abs I have always dreamed of. And running can help you achieve the lean body of your dreams too! So get out today and push yourself to a great run!


Lower Stress

Since I was in high school, any time I felt stressed, confused or upset, I figured out the solutions on a run. Instead of fighting or saying things I know I will regret, I put my legs to the test and work the stress out on a run. It seems almost magical that on a run, all stress is alleviated and everything just seems to make sense. Test it out yourself and get out for a run when you are upset; you just may find the answers too!


More Confidence

Running gives me more confidence and makes me proud of my hard, lean body and better health. I am not perfect but I feel amazing because of my capacity to run far. I am thankful for my strong calves and powerful legs that I use to run farther each day! Running can help you build your confidence as well, so use your legs for a great run!

Hope you get out for a run so that you can experience all the amazing things that running can do for you. All it takes is a little push to lace up those shoes and get out the door, but I promise running will give you back even more. So tell me, are you a runner? If so, what does running do for you?

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u r great!!! u motivate me to run every single day.

I must say that that's true, whenever I want alone time or just run crazy I love to go running ! worth it

I joined a "couch to 5K" program a couple months ago, and jogging/ running is totally did than any aerobic activity in ever did! I have increased my lung capacity like no other activity. I like the solitude when I'm "practicing". I m going strong @ 59:)

I also love to run, I do most of the days, around 4or 5dats per week, I can feel the same as you do!

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