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7 Reasons I Love Being a Runner and so Should You ...

By Tara

There are so many reasons to love being a runner that I can go on for days but today I will list just a few. Being a runner rocks because it changes your body and mental state for the better. Just think, have you ever met an unhappy runner? I think not. At least all my running friends are always in great moods (at least on the days that they run). And running gives you some time to focus on your life and your future goals. Runs are a great time to soul search. And running burns mega calories, which can reshape your body. Many runners have amazing figures for this reason. These are just a few of the many reasons to love being a runner. But there are so many more reasons, like the following.

1 Running Feels Great

Okay, not all runners feel the runners high, which is a surge of endorphins (happy chemicals in the brain). But there is nothing better than the feeling after you have completed your run. You will feel accomplished and have more energy. This is one of my favorite reasons to love being a runner because of how great I feel.

2 Running Gives You Time to Think

I love running because it gives me time to think about my goals for today and for the future. It gives me time to analyze myself and reassess my goals. Running also clears my mind and destresses me, which as a mom of 3 and business owner, some days I totally need!

3 Running Burns Mega Calories

Running burn on average 100 calories per mile (based on a 135 pound woman). This is one of the highest calorie burning exercises which yields great results on the scale, so you better get running!

4 Running Builds Your Confidence

As a lifelong runner I feel great because I know running is something I can pick up and do with no equipment, just my running shoes, and it is something I am good at. You have been running since you were a child, after a ball or after your siblings, so you are a natural runner whether you realize it or not. Build your confidence and become a runner, you will not regret it!

5 Running is Great for Your Health

Running lowers your risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and so much more. Running also helps you to combat obesity. Better get out for a run. The weather is always perfect for a run because life is what you make of it. Make today a great running day!

6 Running Gives Me More Energy

The surge of energy you feel after a run is incredible. I literally feel like I can conquer the world. This energy carries me through each day to accomplish all I need to. Running is such an incredible sport for this reason!

7 Running is so Much Fun

Okay, now I am totally biased when I say running is fun because I do love to run. But how great is it to know that you can run more in one day than some people run in a lifetime. I feel this every time I run a marathon of 26.2 miles. You can run and make it a fun journey of sight seeing by taking in the sights around. Or bring a friend and bond over a fun run together!

Whatever you do, you must try a run to see if you enjoy running as much as I do. I will be looking for you out on the roads and if I see you running I promise to give you a smile and a wave as we run by one another. Are you ready to get out for a run?

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