7 Healthy Reasons Why You Should Run ...


7 Healthy Reasons Why You Should Run ...
7 Healthy Reasons Why You Should Run ...

There are endless reasons why you should run and as a lover of the sport, I must share these reasons with you! Running has numerous physical and mental health benefits and it is a healthy habit that can better your life and your waistline. As a lifelong runner, or a runner as long as I can remember, I find running to be an addicting healthy habit that I love. Now let me share my tips as a fitness expert on the reasons why you should run as well...

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Running is Great for Your Health

Running is a great sport because it lowers your risk of heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes and cancer. Running also boosts your immune system so you will become sick less frequently! These are mega reasons why you should run.


Running Aids Weight Loss

Running is one of the highest calorie burning workouts, burning 600-800 calories in an hour depending upon your weight and running pace. Running will help expedite your weight loss and get you lean and in shape!


Running is Inexpensive

Running is one of the least expensive sports because all it requires is a pair of proper running shoes. I do recommend to all my personal training clients and to you as readers to visit a local running specialty shop to be fitted for a proper shoe. And without any other fancy equipment, just your energy and lung capacity, you are off for a beautiful run!


Running Takes Little Planning

As an ultra busy mom of 3 and a business owner, I love running because it takes little planning and there are many days when I do not have time to run until later in the day and that is okay. Because for those of you who are very busy, running takes little planning. Just get up, lace up your shoes and go!


Running Does Not Require a Gym Membership

What I love so much about running is that it is all about you pushing yourself and it does not require you having to join a gym. So many of my clients feel tired of the gym scene and they are looking for something different.


Running is an Individual Sport

Running takes personal motivation since this is an individualized sport. If you decide to race later, running is still all about you pushing yourself and running for your own better time. There will be many days as a runner when you are tired and there is only one person to push and motivate you - yourself. Running is an individualized sport for this reason! But studies show that runners keep weight off for this reason!


Running is so Much Fun!

When you travel, the best way to check out the area is to go for a run. And when you are having a hard day, the best way to de-stress is to pound the pavement on a run. Running seems to heal all wounds and fight all battles. Running is the best way to compose your thoughts and running is so much fun. Who knew something you have been doing since you were a child would become a healthy habit you would do for pleasure again later in life and for years to come?

I hope you enjoyed my reasons on why you should run. This has been a wonderful sport that has helped me through many stages of my life, both good and bad. I hope this helps you too! Are you already a runner or will you be adding running into your fitness routine?

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It use to be fun for me in school (and that was 7 years ago) but since I just started running a few months ago I still hate running I just do it to exercise.

I read a previous post that says running causes premature sagging of the skin. Not sure if I like that

I love this. It's all so true.

I don't like running . I prefer walking.

This is all so true! I am currently traveling in Europe and the best thing I've done in each place I've stopped is lace up my running shoes and explore the area on a nice, long run. It's exciting because you're seeing new things and getting your body lean and toned at the same time!

I started running to help me lose weight quicker, then I read an article saying how running is a waste of time if your not sprinting. Also, if you are going to jog, then the only way to get results is to jog all day. Please tell me that's not true? Sprinting is fun & all but jogging is very relaxing.

After a couple of decades of not running I started again. Yes, it is not easy but it's worth it. I have had the best health this past year, no allergy problems, and the weight is dropping. And the feeling of freedom is the best.

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