7 Tips for Running a Marathon from London Marathon Runners ...

I’m going to share with you tips for running a marathon from London Marathon runners. These tips come from people who have been there, done that and now wear the t-shirt proudly. Every year in April, more than 35,000 people pound the streets of London. Some are elite athletes running the 26+ miles in just over 2 hours. Others will take up to half a day to complete the course. These tips for running a marathon come from all types of participants of the London Marathon.

1. Paula Radcliffe

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Can tips for running a marathon from London Marathon runners be provided by anyone more qualified than Paula Radcliffe? British athlete Paula is the current world record holder for the women’s marathon (2 hours, 15 minutes and 25 seconds), set in London in 2005. Paula’s tip is to break down the race into chunks in your mind so you focus on each chunk and not worry about how far you’ve got to run. For her, counting to 100 three times equals a mile. During your training, work out your “count” and then use it during your race.

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