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What are the marathon day mistakes and how can you avoid them? If you show up at the start line under dressed, untrained, sleepy from busy day before and dehydrated, you are making some major marathon day mistakes. A marathon is a long distance of 26.2 miles, where training and preparation mean everything. So make sure you are ready to go this distance and avoid making these major marathon day mistakes:

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Not Properly Trained

If you show up at the starting line under trained, you are making one of the major marathon day mistakes. Marathon training takes gradual training anywhere from 4 months to 8 months. It is critical to injury prevention and your race outcome that you put in the time training. And as a result, you will have a great race!


Not Mentally Prepared

I have run 21 marathons, so I have a fair share of experience in a race of this distance, and I know that being mentally prepared makes a large difference on your race results. For weeks prior to race day, envision a great outcome. If you put in the time training, you will be ready for a great race!


Did Not Hydrate Enough

Your fueling and hydrating should begin 3-4 days prior to your marathon day so when you start your race, you will be fueled and ready to go. Make sure you start adding more breads and drinking more water throughout the week so at the start you will feel great!


Lack of Resting Legs the Day Prior

If you decide to go sight-seeing and bike riding the day prior to your marathon, you may be fatigued in your marathon. It is important to rest your legs and relax the day before your marathon. A marathon takes a large toll on your body so fresh legs are crucial. So kick your feet up and relax!


Overeating the Day before

You head to the marathon pasta party the night before your race and you notice the large array of desserts, all for your indulgence. You eat a brownie, cookie and a sundae because you know you will burn this off in your marathon, right? But you spend the rest of the night with stomach cramps and your discomfort continues into the next day, adversely affecting your race. What should you have done differently? The day before your race you should be eating light so you have no digestive issues. If you fueled all week long, then eating light will feel just right.


Improperly Dressed

You decide to run in shorts and a sleeveless tank despite the cool marathon morning forecast, but for the first 15 miles you are freezing. To avoid feeling uncomfortable in your race, dress in layers. If you warm up, you can toss a layer or keep it on. Comfort is key to having your best race!


Going out Too Fast

You start out your race as if you are running a 5k but by mile 3, you are exhausted and you still have 23.2 miles to go. Go out easier in a marathon to avoid being in oxygen debt. In a marathon you have many miles to increase your speed, so use the first 5 miles as your warm up. If you run at a gradually ascending pace, you just may have your personal best race time and you will enjoy the scenery.

Now that you know all the marathon mistakes that you should avoid making, are you ready for a great race? Happy marathoning to you! Hope you have a blast!

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