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Would you like tips from elite runners to understand how they accomplish all they do from their training? You work hard running, lifting weights and eating healthy but still cannot manage running a 5 minute mile, so how do the elite runners do it? You may question if genetics are the major contributor or training, or could it be a combination of both? Here are some professional tips from elite runners to show you how they get the job done in breaking world records.

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Fuel the Right Way

Women's Marathon World Record Holder, Paula Radcliffe lives her life the healthy way by eating clean. She also begins her fueling for a race in the week prior to the event. Make sure you fuel your body with the right food. Eating well before a race is essential because you need fuel to create the energy throughout your run. This tops the tips from elite runners like Paula Radcliffe because fueling well really works.


Be Prepared

World class runner Paul Radcliffe likes to be prepared for every run. And she recommends you pack plenty of layers. Whether you are on a training run or running a race, be prepared by dressing in layers. You can always toss a layer along your running route but beginning your run in comfort is important to be able to have a great run. You can always drive back to pick on your layers along the course.


Focus on Your Efforts

Legendary elite runner, Dick Beardsley suggests focusing on running at the same pace whether you run on the flat ground or up hills. People often vary their speed so much that they fatigue themselves in a run. Focus on short, quick strides while you run so you do not waste energy on the up and downhill of your run.



Elite runner, Dick Beardsley recommends that you refuel in all your training runs as well as races so that you can have a great outcome. If you do not stay hydrated or have an electrolyte imbalance, this can greatly affect your run. So drink up throughout your runs (every mile) to avoid becoming dehydrated.


Learn from Running

Elite runner, Kara Goucher recommends that you learn from running. It is all about a positive approach because some runs are great, while others are not. If you take a more laid back approach to running taking the good with the bad, you will feel less stressed and as a result have a more positive outcome.


Take Pride

Kara Goucher, an elite runner that gets in her fastest times repeatedly is no stranger to taking pride in her running. She says do not worry how you look in a race. Sweaty, tired and overworked, in the running world you are golden when you get the job done. So go ahead and take pride in your running!


Make It a Habit

Professional runner Kara Goucher weighs in with one more tip on getting into a running routine. She advises to get on a frequent schedule of running so that it becomes a habit. Do not worry about the pace or distance, but just get into a habit. Once you make it a habit, you will find yourself craving your runs.

Now that you have professional tips from the elite runners, are you ready to run like a pro? Then follow these great tips and always keep your head up and just believe!

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