How to Use Running as a Form of Pain Relief for Girls Who Can't Handle the Hurt ...


How to Use Running as a Form of Pain Relief for Girls Who Can't Handle the Hurt ...
How to Use Running as a Form of Pain Relief for Girls Who Can't Handle the Hurt ...

Running can feel so good in loosening your body up and in improving your mental health but there are also days where it just hurts. Your legs may be fatigued as your heel strikes the ground and you may have it give yourself that inner push. Have no fear because this does mean that you are not cut out for this individualized sport, it just means you are human. We all have our good and bad days but if the good news is that you can use running as a form of pain relief. So check out how live your life with a smile every strike of your heel:

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Loosen the Body

People that often complain of tight and stiff joints can find relief in running. Running is like oiling your body and lubricating your joints. This can help relief pain and just make you feel youthful. Don’t believe me just yet? Try it for yourself and be amazed by the difference!



The pain of the day, stress and rigors of life can all melt away after you lace up your running kicks and head out for a run. The pounding of the pavement can help your stressors melt away and by the end of the run you will miraculously feel better!



Endorphins, those happy chemicals that are released when you run can have you feeling on top of the world. Who knew something as painful as running could make you feel so incredibly amazing? So enjoy this pain relief and get out for a few miles. The happiness that you feel will be well worth the effort, P promise you!


Body in Motion

A body in motion likes to stay in motion so instead of laying on the coach in pain, get up and get moving. Begin with a walk for a few minutes and then pick up the pace and run. Run to feel better, feel less stress on the body and enjoy every strike of your feet!



Who needs a therapist when you have your own two legs to carry you through this stressful time? So get out for a run and lay all the stress into your workout. Exercise with no regrets and use this run a release. This run can help you to get through whatever anguish you feel and just feel better!


Alleviate Pain in Lower Back

If you are feeling tight you may notice your lower back in pain or maybe you have a weak core. Get out for a run and achieve something more. You only have one life so why feel out of shape and unhappy. Stop wishing and start doing by getting out for a great run!


Put a Smile on Your Face

Put a smile on your face because after you push through the pain you feel joy. As you work through these miles you feel satisfaction. And you may find yourself smiling, so own it! Running produces incredible internal satisfaction and personal accomplishment!

So now that you know how you can use running as pain relief, are you ready to rack up the miles? Then get outside and enjoy the day as you pound the pavement with a smile!

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Running is amazing for your mood and for your skin! This post is on point 💕

Incredibly inspiring, and running is awesome! (Sorry for the double post).

So far as it is balanced. You don't want to end up with damaged knees in your thirties or forties.moderation is key. Add other types of exercise too.

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