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So you want to get in shape but you are not looking to become a distance runner and run a marathon anytime soon? Maybe you had a bout of issues with your knees in the past or the time to run distance is just not possible in your life right now. For whatever the reason the good news is that you do not have to run distance to get fit. There are plenty of other ways to get in shape without running countless miles. You can run short distance, challenge yourself to run hills, varying terrain, head to the track, cross train, perform high intensity workouts or even focus on core strengthening! With so many ways are you ready to get fit?

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Running Short Distance

Running Short Distance You do not have to go run for twenty miles to get your fit on. Sprint to the end of your block then walk the next block, then sprint to the following corner. Continue this for 15 minutes, turn around and do the same home. 30 minutes of sprints and rest will help you to get in shape and build your endurance without running countless miles!


Running Hills

Running Hills Build up the strength in your legs and your lungs as you run up the hills. You can look for a nearby hill and run up and down several times. These hill repeats will help you to get stronger, burn calories and push yourself to the next level.


Run the Trails

Run the Trails Switch up your running terrain and head to the trails to conquer a new challenge. Aside from the hills you will also find your core sore due to varying elevation. I find after running trails my core sometimes hurts even more than my hamstrings. Try it out and you will be wowed in where you feel sore.


Head to the Track

Head to the Track Put your body to the test with short sprints at the track. You can begin with one lap around at 400 meters and as you build your endurance, work to 1600 meter (1 mile). The track is a great way to gage your speed and stay motivated with every lap time check!


Cross Train

Cross Train Cross training can help your running tremendously, increase the muscle tone of your body and help you to get stronger in your fitness level. So bike, swim, lift weights and change gears in your fitness regime to help you to make the most out of every possible fitness moment!



HIIT High intensity interval training is one of the best ways to build endurance, burn calories and get in your best shape. In fact it is the only training I would put on the same level as distance running. It is challenging and a phenomenal way to burn more calories at rest. So get to some HIIT training and be amazed at just how strong you really are!


Core Strengthening

A strong core can help you to prevent injury and in just about every active move that you do. To strengthen your core perform exercises for the lower back, hips and abs. Core moves can give you the competitive edge that you need to get fit and see amazing results. So work yourself hard to the core!

So skip the long run and choose one of these workouts for every day of the week. Are you ready to get in your best shape without running for countless hours?

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Hills! Squats for runners lol😉 But very effective building leg and lung endurance. Doing 30 minutes of hill training can be hell at first, but if you stick with it, you will see yourself improve, and it doesn't take as long as you think it will to see results! Life is not a sprint, it's a marathon...but if you want to finish the race, you have to learn how to sprint sometime😊

Love the new pic💥

What I don't like about Hiit is I can't do burpees and the only vids I've found involve that and there are too many jump squats. Guess I should look up the proper way to do a burpee and try to work my way up. To be honest I enjoy running lol, but great tips I'll be using this!

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