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7 Best Ways to Fuel up during a Run for Girls Needing a Boost ...

By Jennifer

Whether you're training for your first 5k or your first marathon, chances are, you're wondering about how you should be fueling your run. Even if there will be water stops along the way on race day, it's an excellent idea to bring your own fuel and hydration. Here are a few suggestions, all of the things I've brought with me on a run.

1 Water!

It doesn't matter how short or long your run is, you'll need some water! Whether you're mixing it with something else, or you're just drinking it straight, bring something to wet your whistle and keep you moving.

2 Gu Gels

Of all the Gu flavors out there, one - Chocolate Outrage - is tasty enough to actually eat. Have one 15 minutes before you set out, then another one every 45 minutes during your run. It's pure energy, in gel form.

3 Nuun

If you want electrolytes, but not sugar, I highly recommend a Nuun tablet! Drop one in your water bottle before your run, then sip on it along the way. My fave flavor is Pink Lemonade. Yum!

4 Gummy Bears

Or maybe you want/need sugar on a longer run! If so, pack a small bag of Haribo gummy bears - they're easy to eat while you run and they're so delicious!

5 Gatorade

This is the old stand-by hydration choice for athletes of all types. My only complaint? If you spill any while you run, you'll be sticky from the sugar.

6 5-Hour Energy

I know a runner who gulps down a 5-Hour Energy before every half-marathon, and she swears by them. If you need an extra kick, why not give it a try?

7 Salt!

If you're a sweaty runner, like me, and you're covered in white spots at the end of your run, bring along a packet of salt to eat mid-race. I know it sounds odd - wouldn't it make you dehydrated? but it's vital if you lose a lot of sweat (salt!) during your run.

If you're a runner, how do you fuel during a run? Do tell!

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