7 Great Running Myths ...


Before I started running, I believed all the running myths there were. Then, I did some research, learned a good stance, and realized that most of them had no truth at all. Whether or not you are a runner, some of these running myths may sound a bit familiar and just as outlandish as they are.

1. Running Bruises Toe Nails

This is one of the running myths that is both true and untrue. Yes, running can cause bruised toe nails, but the only way that will happen is if you are a marathoner or wearing shoes that do not fit well. Shoes that are tight in the toe and loose around the ankles cause the foot to slide back and forth throughout the run. When your foot continues this sliding motion, the skin between the toe and nail is getting detached and our toes are hitting the front of the shoe. Shoes that are loose in the toes and tight around the ankles should not cause any toe pain or bruising.

Running Prevents Osteoporosis
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