7 Pre Running Fuel from Your Trainer ...


7 Pre Running Fuel from Your Trainer ...
7 Pre Running Fuel from Your Trainer ...

Do you need some pre running fuel to push yourself out the door? You awake on a Saturday morning comfortable in your bed but knowing you should push yourself to run. Need an extra boost to get you going? We all have days where we lack the inner drive to get going. But as a personal trainer, running coach and running competitor myself, I have plenty of fuel to push me on my runs. Mental strength pushes me to get going and drive pushes me to run longer and stronger. Here is some pre running fuel to help you to get up and get going, running strong and feeling great.

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You Are Who You Choose to Be

I could easily give up at mile 19 of a marathon when my legs start to feel heavy, knowing I still have 7.2 miles to go before I cross the finish, but I do not give up. I refuse to allow myself to fail in life because I choose to not be a quitter. Choose to get out the door and run because you are a winner! Winners always persevere. Use this as your pre running fuel to get out for your next run.


I Look the Way I do Because I Run

Look at your strong legs, core and arms and know this is because you are a runner. Look at your slim, toned physique and attribute this to your running and healthy lifestyle. You push yourself through the wall of pain, fight through windy runs, and head out in the morning, night and all hours in between. And you smile at the end of every run knowing what you have accomplished. Your runs have helped you to mold your body to look and feel great! So get off the couch and out for a run!


Running Has Made You Healthier

Look at your lowered cholesterol, lowered body fat, and the decrease in your risk of type 2 diabetes. This is all because you are a runner. Running has made you a healthier and happier person. To better your health and your life, get out for a run!


Running Makes You More Confident

Keep your head up and be proud of your strong physique. You have run through all weather and terrain and you should be proud of this. You are more confident because you are a runner. So lace up your shoes and remember this to fuel your run!


You Are Less Stressed Because of Your Runs

You feel less stress and a better grasp on your life after you run. You feel relaxed and at ease after you log in some miles. Who knew running would bring such relief? Better get out for a run to feel better about your life!


You Can Motivate Others by Just Being a Runner

I cannot tell you how many of my personal training clients and friends now run because of my influence. I am so proud of these people because many of them are now amazing runners and they are all healthier. All it took was a little push in the right direction to better their health.


You Can Reflect on Life on Your Run

Awww, some solo time to just think! Being a mother of three, I sometimes feel like this is all I need to recompose myself. Enjoy your run as a time to think and reflect on your life. Use your run as a little self meditation and enjoy every foot strike as you pound the pavement happily!

Hope you have enjoyed my pre running fuel and that this helps you to get up and get running. If you are already a runner, what is your pre running fuel?

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Im a runner, and i actually started out of sheer pleasure. Ive always been hyper and a high-stress person, and at times when i would work myself up, i would just go out and run. It clears my mind, relaxes me, and helps me relieve some pent-up energy and anxiety. Now I've turned it into a long-standing hobby and i absulouty love it!

i need an article on how to start running!

Me too!! Is just so hard to start and keep doing it

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